Best Wireless Home Security System

PiSector 4G GSM Wireless Security Alarm System

PiSector Home Security System

The Good

  • Can be linked with a remote monitoring system
  • Pet-friendly sensors
  • Lights for extra deterrence
  • Cellular emergency connectivity in case phone lines are cut

The Bad

  • Wall adhesive has been called questionable


  • Weight: 6 lb
  • Power Source: AC adapter, CR123A batteries for motion sensors
  • Alarm Volume: 85dB
  • Installation: Adhesives

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

Sensi WiFi Thermostat


The Good

  • Cell communication is included in subscription package
  • Screw Mounting option for easy installation
  • Can support up to 5 PINs
  • Key chain remote

The Bad

  • Monthly fee required for emergency notifications
  • No pet calibration option
  • Low alarm volume


  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Power Source: 4xCR123A batteries
  • Alarm Volume: 85dB
  • Installation: Adhesive or Mounting Plate

iSmartAlarm Home Security System

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat

iSmart Home Alarm System

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • No additional fee for emergency notification
  • Loud alarm
  • Consumers love the stylish design

The Bad

  • Only works with iPhone
  • Difficult Setup 


  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Power Source:Lithium ion batteries
  • Alarm Volume: 110dB
  • Installation: Table top

Wireless Home Security System Buying Guide

Wireless Home Security System

There's no better way to ensure peace of mind than to install a home security system. While there are many types available on the market today, wireless systems have the advantage of being perfect for the do-it-yourselfer and are fairly easy to install. However, the range of available products means that it can be confusing to know exactly which one to buy. As each system may offer different features and specifications, it can be a daunting task to figure out which ones are more important, and which ones aren't. In this article, we'll examine some of the important features to consider before making a wireless home security system purchase.

There are certain "must-have" basics that any decent home security system should offer, and then there are extras that may or may not be necessary but usually set them apart from the others. In any case, the system you ultimately decide to buy should at a minimum offer the following features:

Important Features:

Programmable control panel. The control panel is the hub of the system, and it's the box that you will input your passcode into to arm or disarm the system. These units should be programmable, meaning that you can choose your own individual codes for everyone in the family. Additionally, units with remote controls allow for even easier operation.

Emergency Notification. The better systems available are able to dial out a pre-specified number in the event of a disturbance. Ideally, it should be able to dial you or send an SMS message in such a case, allowing you to properly self-monitor your home.

Remote monitoring capability. Can your system be connected to a remote monitoring facility?

Motion sensors. The system should offer the ability to detect movement inside the home.

Loud Volume Alarm. The more noise the system makes in the event of an emergency, the better.

Power Sensor. Is your system's power level low? A good one will let you know so you don't come home to discover that you've left your home unprotected by a dead system.

Pet Sensitivity. Have pets in your home? You'll want to ensure the system you buy is intelligent enough to distinguish between your pet and an intruder.


Prices for these systems will depend on the manufacturer and the features they offer. While not as expensive as professionally-installed units, the price range usually begins around the $200 mark and continues from there. Again, it's important to consider the important specs that they offer, as the best systems may not always be the most expensive ones

The Top Wireless Home Security Systems

PiSector 4G GSM Wireless Security Alarm System Review

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PiSector is becoming more popular with those seeking self-installed security systems and offers a complete do-it-yourself system with its 4G cellular-based security setup.


The PiSector 4G GSM system offers the basic must-have features we've discussed. The programmable control panel has the ability to not only dial out emergency numbers but can be set to notify you via phone or by an SMS message. It can also be linked to any Ademco monitoring services for remote monitoring of your home. While these services come at an extra cost, doing so will sharply reduce your home insurance rates. As well, the system comes equipped with pet-calibrated motion sensors, programmed to ignore animals weighing up to 50lbs. Their alarms are loud- up to 140dB - making for a strong audial deterrent in case of an emergency. It's a dual-network system, able to switch to and dial out over cellular networks in the event of an emergency, a useful feature as sophisticated burglars are aware that phone lines can simply be cut to disarm most systems. It also comes with red strobe lights and power level sensors that will switch to a backup battery to notify you of power loss. One drawback which has been noted is the lack of strength of the control panel and monitor adhesives, as some customers have questioned the reliability of the system due to components falling down.

Special Features:

- Dual network communication

- Pet-calibrated motion sensors

- Extra Loud 140dB alarm

- Red flashing strobe light

SimpliSafe 2Wireless Security Alarm System Review

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Simplisafe2 is a wireless home alarm system designed to work in tandem with their in-house monitoring service. Easy to install and use, it's another popular choice among self-installed security systems.


Simplisafe2 makes cellular communications standard, eschewing traditional phone lines in favor of wireless calling. It should be noted that while it will work as a stand-alone system in the event that the live monitoring services are not used, it'll be limited to an alarm only - no notifications will be made, although that feature is available with a monitoring subscription. The programmable keypad is designed to be durable and the microprocessor has been cleverly hidden inside the base of the unit so that in the event a burglar smashes the keypad to try and disable the system, it'll still operate. The control panel also features an emergency panic button if you need to sound the alarm quickly, and will also warn you if power is low. Installation is made easy with the accompanying explanation video, and the control panel can be installed using screws rather than adhesives. The alarm isn't super loud, though, coming in at 85dB. Notably, absent from the list of features is pet calibration of the included motion sensors, making it of questionable value to pet owners. Despite this, the motion sensors are good for large spaces, as they support distances of up to 500 feet.

Special Features:

- Cellular communication with monitoring center- Easy installation with instructional video- Hardened electronics make damaging the unit difficult- Emergency panic button- Long-range sensors, up to 500 feet distance supported

iSmart Alarm Wireless Security Alarm System Review

PisSector Home Security System

iSmart Home Alarm System

Type of Product

Home Security System



Experts Rating:

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iSmartAlarm is a home security system created with ease of use in mind. Modular in nature, the core of the system is CubeOne, a table-top box which communicates and controls the add-on sensors in addition to housing the siren. The standard package includes window-mounted sensors, while the preferred package adds a camera to the mix. It's a novel idea for home security that is slowly gaining a lot of traction.


When it comes to ease of installation, iSmartAlarm wins hands down. Simply connect the system's brain - CubeOne - to your wireless router, affix the motion and window sensors and the system will do the rest. The programmable interface is by iPhone alone, meaning there is no control panel mounted on the wall. Taking advantage of the optional camera system means your home can be visually monitored while you're away. The system supports emergency notifications by phone, SMS or via email, so you'll always be alerted to an intruder, although it should be noted that it can't be programmed to alert emergency agencies. And the control app allows you to label all of your sensors, so you'll immediately know the location of a potential disturbance. As the iSmartAlam works on household power, it eschews the need for a low-power notification sensor. And the alarm is fairly loud, up to 110dB. On the downside, the motion sensors are not able to be calibrated for pets, and if your smartphone is not an iPhone you're out of luck. The system does not support remote monitoring. As well, consumers have complained that the camera is not easy to set up, and contend that the image quality is relatively poor.

Special Features:

-Modular design centered by CubOne

-iPhone operated - no wall mounted control panel

-Optional camera

-Various sensors can be labeled for easy monitoring

The Final Verdict:

PisSector Home Security System

While special mention goes to the iSmartAlarm for the ability to add a camera, the best overall value has to go to the PiSector 4G GSM Wireless Security System. Despite its higher price tag, PiSector offers all the must-haves you'd want in a security system. Ease of installation features such as cellular notifications, the ability to add remote live monitoring, loud alarm volume, flashing strobe lights and pet-calibrated sensors make it an excellent buy for the money.