10 Interesting Uses For Your Panini Maker

Though many of us see panini makers as a pressing device for sandwiches, there are also quite a few other purposes that one can learn and put to use. For many years people have used these panini makers only for making different types of sandwiches. However, with a bit of innovation and ingenuity, they can be used to produce various yummy dishes. It is even possible to bake a cake which typically is reserved only for ovens. There are limitless ways and means we can put a panini maker to use, and we will look at just 10 of those ways below. Let’s get started.

1. Bake The Best Of Mini Cakes

Not many of us are aware that it is possible to bake mini cakes using a panini maker. However, one should know how to go about it. The most important raw materials for grilling mini cakes using a panini maker are ramekins. The process is quite simple and ramekins are suggested because they are small enough and can easily be fitted into the grill. The secret lies in finding out the quantity of ramekin to use, knowing how long to bake them and the temperature at which it should be grilled.

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Gouda

Yes, it is possible to make one of the finest cheese dishes using a panini Maker. You could also add mushroom, sliced onions, and various other ingredients. Of course, a great bread of your choice is required. It comes out exceedingly well with your Panini Maker and setting it at the right temperature would certainly make it superbly fresh and yummy. It is one of the tastiest simple dishes and a go-to staple for a panini maker.

3. You Also Can Make Tasty Omelets

Whoever told that it is not possible to make omelets using a panini Maker? You can make the best of omelets within a few minutes without the need for a frying pan. Give it a try with your favorite ingredients for a fun variation on the classic. It will not stick to the pan.

4. You Can Also Cook Bacon

Bacon cooking using a panini Maker! It might sound a bit surprising and strange, but it is very much possible using this cute little appliance. All that is required is throwing a few strips on the panini Maker. It will only take a few minutes and behold, you will have crispy, hot, and sizzling bacon. It is one of the simplest and fastest ways to cook bacon.

5. Make A Giant Brownie

You can make use of any shallow pan which will fit into your panini Maker. You have to put the ingredients needed for a brownie in the pan. The pan should be placed on the panini maker. The heat should be set to around medium. Once the chocolate has been grilled it will give out a sweet and mouth watering aroma. You must be careful not to overcook or undercook it.

6. Mashed Potato As Side Dish

If you are looking for a quick and smart way to grill some hot, crispy and tasty potatoes to be used as a side dish, your panini maker can certainly come in very handy. All you need is 1 pound of small red potatoes, Kosher salt to taste, virgin olive oil, black pepper, and rosemary. After the potatoes are boiled you should remove them and the water should be drained. Kosher salt should be added while the potatoes are boiling. The panini maker should be set to high heat. The potatoes should be mashed properly and you can add as many as possible on the panini press and close the lid. You may have to repeat the process of grilling a few times because of space constraints. The grilling should not take more than 6 minutes.

7. Heat Cold Pizza

This is a reasonably simple way of heating up cold pizza. It is very easy to do.  All you have to do is to preheat the panini maker and put as many slices as it can hold. It should take around five to seven minutes for the Pizza to get heated again. You have to turn it upside down to prevent it from burning or overheating on one side.

8. Grill Salmon

Yes, we may all believe that Salmon can be grilled only in a proper grill. While it might be true, a panini maker can also be used effectively for grilling tasty, crispy, and yummy Salmon. It is best to grill it in foil and add your favorite seasonings, lemon, and olive oil to the Salmon. Though you might be a bit apprehensive because of the direct heat from both sides, it works wonderfully well and is as good as traditionally grilled salmon.

9. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Using a panini maker it is possible to make the best of ice cream sandwiches. All that you need are refrigerated dough cookies which are uncooked, sprinkles and the right amount of ice cream. The panini maker should be preheated to around 325 degrees. The cookie dough must be placed on the panini maker and 3 inches of space must be left in them. The lid must be closed so that it cooks well. It takes around 8 minutes to cook. The ice cream should be placed on atop the cooked cookie. It should be pressed lightly and the ice cream sandwich is ready.

10. Hamburg Grilling In a Panini Press

Finally, the grilled hamburger using a panini maker. Since heat comes from both the top and bottom, grilling hamburgers using a panini press should take about half the time it usually takes.

There are dozens of ways to use a panini maker… it is truly a versatile appliance. Hope you have fun trying out some of these ideas.