If you are looking to install one or more ceiling fans around your home that is a wonderful idea. It is a well-known fact that circulating air has many more benefits than air that gets stagnate. A ceiling fan will make sure that all the air in a room constantly circulates throughout it. The problem is there are so many ceiling fans to choose from it’s hard to figure out which one to buy? Here are 4 things to consider before buying any ceiling fan.


  • Price

Very few of us have the financial freedom to shop without considering price. There are thousands of ceiling fans in the marketplace to choose from, and they run from very inexpensive price ranges to very expensive price ranges. So before you even begin shopping for a new ceiling fan set yourself a budget range with which to work with. That will help you narrow down your choices in a hurry, and you won’t waste time looking at ceiling fans you were never going to buy in the first place.

  • Room Size

When you are shopping for a ceiling fan you better know what the square footage is of the room it is going in. Not having that knowledge when you are shopping can be a huge mistake. The last thing you want is to get a ceiling fan that is too big or too small for a room. Ceiling fans that are too big will waste a little electricity and ceiling fans that are too small may not circulate the air in a room as much as is necessary.

Here are some rough square footages and the appropriate fan size needed for that size room:

  • 0 – 75 Sq. Ft = 36-inch ceiling fan
  • 76 – 144 Sq. Ft = 42-inch ceiling fan
  • 145 – 225 Sq. Ft = 44-inch ceiling fan
  • 226 – 400 Sq. Ft = 54-inch ceiling fan

  • Room Shape

Believe it or not, when you go to purchase a fan for a room you would be wise to consider the shape of the room too. You do not need to allow for any extra circulating power in a room that is square and has 4 straight walls. Quite the opposite is true if you have an irregular shaped room that features nooks and crannies or uneven ceilings.

So before you buy, make sure you allow for a little extra pulling power from the fan you choose to allow for room features that are not considered standard. The last thing you want to do is put an undersized fan in your room and not get the desired effect you wanted from it.

  • Fan Style/Looks

Not only do you want your new ceiling fan to circulate air well in the room it’s going in, but you also want it to look nice while doing it. The right ceiling fan can be a nice decorative accent for any room you are placing them in. So choose a fan that compliments the room it is going in nicely instead of putting in a fan that once it is installed may be an eyesore.


  • Budget Friendly – Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Here is a ceiling fan that not only looks good but will not take a huge bite out of your wallet either. This popular and stylish model will look good in any time of room you want to put it in. It has a distinctive brushed nickel and wood finish that will make everyone who visits your home think this light cost much more than you actually paid for it.

This Hampton is a 5 blade style ceiling fan that will adequately circulate the air in any room that is 20 feet by 20 feet or less. It has three different fan speeds, and it is reversible too, so it will help you keep your home warmer in the winter months too.

  • Stylish – Westinghouse 7234220 Xavier II 52-Inch Five-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan with Three Spot Lights, Brushed Nickel with Gun Metal Accents

Here is a super stylish ceiling fan that is perfect for any kitchen, family room or room that you use for entertaining. It is made using brushed nickel components, and those are nicely finished with gunmetal accents. This fan stylish enough to be the centerpiece of any room you install it in.

It is a decorative 5 blade fan design that can handle circulating the air nicely in room sizes up to 360 square feet. It features three reversible fan speeds and comes with a generous two-year warranty also.

  • Elegant – Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan With 6-Speed Wall Contro

If you are worried more about how your new ceiling fan looks than you are about your budget, then you need to take a serious look at this model ceiling fan. They don’t get much better looking than this ceiling fan is. It has a very decorative oil rubbed bronze housing and has several smart looking fan blade choices.

It works great to and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The powerful fan in this model has six different reversible speeds too. Best of all it includes a limited lifetime motor warrant from Emerson to give you peace of mind that you have made a solid purchase when you buy this product.


If you did not know before, you now know that there is a lot more that goes into selecting a ceiling fan than just buying the first one you come across. Having a good looking ceiling fan that does a great job of moving the air around in a room is essential to justify spending the money to buy one. So consider these 4 important points before you buy your next ceiling fan.

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