How and Why Does a Fan Cool a Room?

It seems obvious to say that moving air helps us cool. After all, what does a breeze do? And that’s why you find people waving a folder in front of their face in a hot room and find a little relief. However, since temperature is a feature or substance with molecular properties, the air itself […]

Can a Ceiling Fan Fall and Hurt Me?

What if one appliance could make your home more comfortable, lower your cooling and heating bill, produce more lighting, and add a decorating style and décor all at once? Would you be interested in such an appliance? Many people will be surprised to hear that the appliance is a time-tested, affordable ceiling fan. These appliances, […]

Looking For A Ceiling Fan?

A little research can help you to buy the right ceiling fan at a good price. Take time to consider your needs and look for a ceiling fan that fits your budget. This guide will help you to pick a ceiling fan based on how much you want to spend. Some of the key questions […]

Buying The Right Size Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans come in different sizes, so it’s best to measure the size of your room before you shop for one. It’s important to buy a home ceiling fan of the right size because a model that’s too small may not cool your room adequately and one that’s too large may be too close to […]

Tips For Choosing A Ceiling Fan With Lighting

A ceiling fan with integrated lighting may be just what you need if your room doesn’t get enough natural light and there aren’t enough light fixtures in it. The fan will keep you cool and brighten up your room, and you can avoid installing a separate light fixture. These tips to choose a ceiling fan […]

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