5 Great Dishes You Can Make in a Panini Press

A Panini Press is undoubtedly one of the greatest luxuries in modern life. This is because it allows us to prepare various delicious dishes at home in just a matter of minutes. However, even though all these technological wonders always seem so simple to purchase there is an array of factors that come into play when making that decision. Below is a comprehensive buying guide that you can use the next time you want to buy yourself the best Panini Press.

Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider in the delicate buying process of a Panini Press; the main ones include the following:

Plate material

This is the very important factor as it has a direct influence on the performance of the Panini Press. The two major kinds of plate material are coated non-stick and cast iron. Cast iron is good about scratch resistance and sturdiness. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended compared to a non-stick material.

Floating hinge

This usually refers to the ability of a Panini’s press lid to be moved up and down so as to accommodate different food sizes. The lack of a floating hinge greatly limits your ability with regard to the sizes of food that you can put in the Panini Press.

Cooking functions

You should look for models that are designed with different interesting functions. There are Panini Press models that function as grills as well since they plates with ridges. This allows you to cook vegetables and meats. Having more options is always desirable, and that is why it is advisable to purchase a Panini Press with multiple cooking functions.


Panini Press models with non-stick coating tend to be easier to clean compared to the cast iron models. This is because it prevents foods from sticking thus making cleaning much easier.

Safety features

Panini Press models are designed to achieve very high temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures are very dangerous as they can cause injuries. This is why it is recommended that consumers buy Panini Presses with safety features such as insulated handles. Another useful safety feature is a locking mechanism that characterizes some models; it allows the Panini Press to remain closed when it is not in use.

5 Great Dishes You Can Make in a Panini Press

A Panini Press can successfully replace a majority of the appliances that are used for our basic cooking needs at home or even in the office. Here are 5 great dishes you can make in a Panini Press:

• Eggs

You can use a Panini Press to prepare some eggs for breakfast. Eggs are regarded as easy to prepare and very nutritious. Furthermore, eggs are a good way to start off your day. The eggs can either be made scrambled or fried. Eggs are a convenient breakfast dish to make with your Panini Press.

• Banana Pancakes

Another delicious breakfast dish option that you can make using a Panini Press is banana pancakes. This dish requires 2 eggs, 1 banana and of course a Panini Press.

• Grilled Cheese

A Panini Press can also be used to make a sumptuous lunch dish such as grilled cheese. Once you prepare grilled cheeses with it, you will never use a frying pan again as the convenience is simply unparalleled.

• Vegetables

A Panini Press can be used to stir-fry vegetables such as mushrooms, snap peas, spinach and many others. These raw vegetables should first be sliced up and the pan properly greased before finally spreading out the vegetables on it. There is the option of adding your favorite sauce to them as they slowly cook. For those who fancy Chinese-style dishes then Soy Sauce is a wonderful addition. This dish is good for dinner.

• Cheese Quesadilla

This is an exemplary Mexican dish that can be prepared for dinner. It requires shredded cheese and 2 corn or even 4 tortillas. A single tortilla should be placed on the Panini Press followed by a layer of cheese on the single tortilla earlier placed. These should be covered up using other tortillas and pressed. Some guacamole can be prepared to accompany the fresh cheese quesadilla.


Panini Presses have revolutionized the way we prepare our meals as they are fast and quite convenient. You can use yours to prepare any of the above five delicious dishes for breakfast or dinner. If you do not own one already, make plans to do so as you are greatly missing out.

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