7 Fun Ideas For Your Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is an excellent appliance to own. They are invaluable for making unique food items, as well as aiding in the preservation process of food items. As many food dehydrator reviews expose, this item is also great for using in other ways around the household. Many applaud the practicality of the item and attest that they wish they had bought one sooner.

Note: Remember to consult the instructions and warnings for your particular dehydrator prior to use.

Food Related Uses

The best food dehydrator will offer ways to keep food fresh and be able to store it for a lengthy period of time. There are uses for the dehydrator that will aid in these endeavors. One such way is to use the dehydrator to remove excess moisture from those items that store food. This will help in maintaining the consistency of the food while also helping to keep it fresh.

After washing simply place salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls or other like items in the dehydrator. Set the appliance on a medium heat and all the moisture will be removed from the items. This helps to keep things like sugar, salt, or pepper from clumping and not being used as intended.

Rubber Items

The list of items containing rubber or plastic that can be efficiently dryed out in the dehydrator can be quite lengthy. Among some of these items incliude:

  • shower caps
  • pool shoes
  • galoshes
  • shoes

The dehydrator will offer a thorough dry to these items without causing them to melt or get ruined. The items will hold their shape and be warm and dry in half the time it would take in a dryer. An added advantage also exists in the fact that there will be no scorching or possible ruin to the items like if they were placed on a heater or next to a wood stove.


While the best food dehydrator will offer a variety of drying and preserving options, one may also want to consider a different path. Potpourri heaters can be expensive and not work consistently all of the time. The food dehydrator is another option to add delicious aromas to your living space while also saving money on those fancy, expensive potpourri heaters.

Using the dehydrator for potpourri will also offer the ability to mix scents. Using two or three different potpourris can allow the user to make an original scent all their own. The dehydrator also heats the potpourri slowly so that the scents will last longer and be more penetrating than a simple potpourri burner.


During the fall and winter seasons, many people choose to heat their homes with wood stoves. This means that a steady flow of kindling and matches are needed. Sometimes there is no dry matches or kindling to use to start the heating fire. In these cases one can use their dehydrator to meet their needs.

Simply place an ample amount of kindling in the dehydrator and dry it out. The even drying of the dehydrator will offer nice, crisp wood that will catch quickly and help to develop a warm fire. The same is true for matches. If your matches are damp or wet, they will not light. Place them in the dehydrator to dry them out so they will be ready when they are needed.

Baby Toys

Every parent understands the need to sanitize their child’s toys. This helps them to be safe for those smaller children that like to put everything in their mouths. One issue with this is that they do not tend to dry out completely and can form dangerous molds on or in them.

A solution to this problem is to place them in the food dehydrator. The dehydrator can get every nick and crevice of the toys fully dry and ready for your little one to enjoy again. It is also more effective than using a towel and significantly more sanitary. Why take the time to sanitize the toys and then simply undo that good with a damp towel?


One sector that many food dehydrator reviews overlook is fixtures. Many homeowners go through their homes and clean socket covers and light switch covers during spring cleaning. Typically these items are towel dried or air dried before they are replaced their place.

One issue that can arise is moisture that did not fully dissipate before replacing the fixture. This can be dangerous to both self and home, and one may tend to get shocked. A way to avoid this from happening is to pop the cleaned fixtures into the dehydrator. A quick period in the appliance will get these fully dry and then they will be safe to reinstall.

Arts And Crafts

Another very inventive use for your food dehydrator is with arts and crafts projects. Such crafts like paper mache take quite a while to dry out fully. This can cause a hassle for finding a place where it can safely dry out without being harmed or destroyed. The dehydrator can speed up dry time and make getting to the end of the project quicker.

Clean up time can also be sped up. Brushes, sponges, and other equipment can be placed in the dehydrator and safely dried in half the time air drying would take. Smaller projects that need glue can benefit from the use of a dehydrator. They will be fully dry and ready for painting or finishing quickly.

Personal Items

The dehydrator has a use in drying out personal care items as well. Sanitizing brushes and lens cases helps to keep the items effective longer and aids in fighting germs ad disease. Although, allowing them to simply sit around and dry can attract harmful germs that can offset the sanitizing. The dehydrator can dry those items quickly and keep them sanitized.

A food dehydrator is a useful tool for things all around the house. Once the individual has bought and started using one, they will wonder how they ever got along without one.

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