Amazing Things Your Food Dehydrator Can Do

Are you looking for a food dehydrator? Do you know why you need one? Well, read this article to find out.

The primary concept of drying food is to rid it of the moisture content and increase its shelf life. It has been a preserving practice since the time when the sun was used to dry food.

Technological advancements have allowed the invention of the food dehydrator that combines a heating element, fan, and vents to get rid of moisture in the food. Most foods are subjected at temperatures of between 95-145 degrees Fahrenheit although others require high temperatures.

fruit from a food dehydrator


The basic components of a food dehydrator are the heating element, fan, and the vent. There are also the trays that are used to stack the food. The trays depend on the design and size of the dehydrator; some trays may be rigid or removable others that are big may have rotating trays. The dehydrator can be used to dry meat, fruits, and vegetables. It’s vital to know that meat is subjected to high temperatures as compared to fruits or even vegetables. After drying the food, the texture changes to tough and crunchy. The color may also vary depending on the type of food that is being dried.


1. Making fire starters 

If you’re going camping or need to light a fire, the one important thing that comes handy has to be the fire starter. It is mainly dried twigs to get the fire going alternatively, and you can be creative and use dried orange peelings. The trick is to subject the peelings to higher temperatures in the dehydrator until it’s completely dry and use them as your fire starters.

2. Dough-Rising

When you are doing home baking, you can use the dehydrator to help you out. The dehydrator can be a lifesaver, simply put the dough in the dehydrator then set the required amount of heat to aid in the fermentation process of yeast.

3. Incubating Yogurt

With an Excalibur food dehydrator, you can make a refreshing yogurt at the comfort of your home. All you need to add to this is some milk and yogurt; the quantity will depend on an individual’s needs. The process is pretty simple. First, you scald the milk at temperatures of about 190 degrees Fahrenheit, let it cool then add yogurt to the mixture which you will subject to lower temperatures at the dehydrator. Let it cool for a delicious drink.

making yogurt in a food dehydrator

4. Drying Sprout Grain

The basic use of the food dehydrator as mentioned above is to remove moisture. Therefore, it is not a surprise that it can be applied here. The process of drying sprout grain is fairly a simple one. First of all spread the sprouted grain evenly on the trays. Set the desired temperature usually not higher 113 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because a temperature higher than the one stated here denatures the enzymes that cause the sprouting in these grains. It’s crucial to note that these enzymes are crucial during the fermentation process, especially to those who would wish to bake bread after grinding their dried sprouted grain.

5. Drying Herbs

Lately, there is an herbal craze’ everywhere; people are constantly obsessed with anything herbal: herbal tea, medicine, and the list go on and on. Herbs are healthy and have myriad benefits to the body. Once you have laid a hand on the precious herbs, it’s good to prepare them the right way to increase their shelf life. In this regard, the dehydrator comes in handy to help you rid off excess moisture from these herbs.

6. Humidifier

This might sound a little farfetched, but a food dehydrator can work as a humidifier. If the air around your house is a little hot and dry, you can use a dehydrator to moisten the air. Remember how earlier we talked about the components of the dehydrator? Well, this is how it works, set a few bowls of water in the trays, turn the dehydrator on and let the water evaporate. The fan will then push out moist air through the vents. This will, in turn, send out the moist air across the entire room negating the need of purchasing a separate humidifier.

In conclusion, your food dehydrator can do so much more than you think. It is a gadget which when used smartly has the potential of making our work easier.

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