Best Small Food Dehydrator

There is nothing new about the process of dehydrating foods to preserve them. As a matter of fact, it is a procedure that has been around for hundreds of years now. What is new is being able to do it yourself at home without having to work too hard at it. It used to be it took a large amount of time and effort to do it yourself at home and the only alternative was to by prepackaged dehydrated foods that are very expensive. What is the best small food dehydrator? We will tell you that in this article.

Before we get to the best food dehydrator it is important that you know how a food dehydrator works. The theory behind them is very simple; if you remove a large percentage of the moisture found in a certain food that makes it very hard for harmful bacteria to grow on it. Home food dehydrators work by using circulating air and a heating element to heat the trays of food placed in them and then they expel that same hot air after it has picked up the moisture that has been released from the food.

An added byproduct of the process is that the food will weigh significantly less and be smaller after being dehydrated too. That means dehydrated food is very easy to store for later use. Having a home dehydrator is a great way to preserve meats, vegetables, and fruits in a tasty and cost-effective manner.


Now it is time to tell you what we think the best small food dehydrators are. We will give you some information about two of them; one that is a very economical buy and another that is the Cadillac of small home food dehydrators. Both of these dehydrators get high marks in the small food dehydrator reviews that we have seen on them.


This is a really good 4 tray food dehydrator that you can own for a very affordable price. It will pay for itself after just a few uses. Presto has done a very nice job with this small food dehydrator design.

It has a bottom-mounted fan and heating unit that provides excellent air circulation throughout the unit. It makes for quick dehydrating of all different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat. This unit has trays that will allow you to make several cups of dehydrated foods on each one.

It is built of sturdy white plastic and comes complete with a see-through top lid so you can check the status of your food’s dehydrating process. Presto’s nice little food dehydrator is easy to clean, and the trays are even dishwasher safe. The drying trays will nest up for storage and even the cord stores conveniently in the base of this unit.


This dehydrator for the home is really incredible with all that you can do with it.

Unlike many dehydrator models, it comes with a rear mounted fan. That means you get much more even airflow throughout the unit than you do with a typical bottom mounted fan. It also comes with 6 adjustable stainless steel drying racks and the rest of the unit is certified BPA free. This model dehydrator also includes some mesh drying trays and 3 nonstick plastic drying trays also.

The controls with this dehydrator are amazing. It includes a fully adjustable thermostat and also has a built in timer, so you do not have to constantly monitor the dehydrating process. It is large enough that you can dehydrate a large variety of foods without having to do numerous batches.

If it is truly a top of the line small food dehydrator that you want, then this model will do nicely for you.


You really can’t go wrong if you purchase either of these models to handle your home food dehydration tasks. They not only have very favorable small food dehydrator reviews but we loved them when we tried them too. They are definitely two of the best small food dehydrators you could possible purchase. So make sure you consider them when it’s time for you to buy your next home food dehydrator.

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