Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Tower Fan

Best Tower FanAre you looking for the tower fan for cozy and smooth environment of your home or workplace, during mid-to-late afternoon?

That’s the time when rays from the sun can make the internal environment very uncomfortable, given that you have the only ceiling fan to defend you from the heat. At this point, you’d definitely need an extra item to complement your ceiling fan.

People who feel comfortable with room ceiling fans, don’t often invest in Air conditioners, just to pass that small period of the day. They’d rather choose a tower fan to keep their room cool and comfortable. So, if you’re one of those and are looking for the best tower fan, we have some great models of 2016 lined up for you.

Advantages of a Tower Fan

  1. Compact Size

You’d wonder why you shouldn’t go for pedestal fans, window fans or box fans, instead of choosing tower fan for your room. The reason is, pedestal fans can become unsightly and they’re heavier too. With box fans, you’d have to compromise the floor space which may raise concerns. A window fan is bigger compared to both the options.

In comparison,

  • Tower fans range between 30-inch and 40-inch in height.
  • Their base also varies from 8 to 12 inch.
  • You can transport them easily due to available handles.
  • You can store your tower fan in a closet because of the unique shape it has.

So, a tower fan is more like a whole house fan that can be placed anywhere with utmost ease.

  1. Energy Savings

It’s an open reality that an Air Conditioner eats up a lot of energy. In comparison, fans consume negligible energy. This means, you can save a lot of money, with tower fan working as complementary source for the ceiling fan.

  1. Versatility

Tower fans are better than box fans or table fans for a number of reasons:

  • Tower fans are nearly equal in terms of high-velocity flow
  • They can oscillate, and
  • With their ionizer feature on, they can also help clean the atmosphere inside the room
  1. White Noise!

Most of us have been accustomed with the sound made by the fan, a light humming sound. Well, tower fans produce light and gentle hum that you must be accustomed with, helping you to go to sleep.

What to Look For In a Tower Fan?

Tower fans are versatile, stylish, modern and effective for any kind of room. If you’re looking for the best tower fan, you should take into account more than just the airflow. Unlike other room cooling options, towers fans are multi-functional tools, and you have to look at these features while selecting the best one for your room:

  • Size
  • Flow (normal or high)
  • Timer for energy saving
  • Ionizer for cleaning air
  • Any other features

What are the features?

  • Oscillation: Majority of the tower fans oscillates, but you also have to make sure how many speeds they offer.
  • Filtration: If your tower fan also filters the air, you need to know how. Normally, this feature requires you to replace filters every now and then, which means you have pay for its maintenance.
  • Remote control: You can turn your tower fan on or off, which makes it great for bedrooms or busy workspaces. You can control and set different speeds according your choice.
  • Sophisticated controls: Make sure the controls are not difficult to understand; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get the maximum benefit out of your tower fan.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

Tower fans are most environmentally friendly and off course, they’re safer than any other fan around. Here are few things you need to see in the best tower fan:

  • Narrow and Sturdy Grate: Ensure that the grate over than fan is narrow enough for children’s fingers and sturdy enough against wear and tears.
  • Soft Blades: Well, children tend to access most difficult places, so make sure that the fan blades are soft enough not to cause severe cuts
  • Energy Use: You need to check how much energy it consumes and decide accordingly, although most tower fans are environment-friendly.
  • Auto Shut Off: Some tower fans also have automatic shut off feature to save your unnecessary expenses.

How much space do you need to cool?

It depends upon the air velocity and flow how much space your tower fan needs to supply air.

  • Smaller Space: If the room of your home, office or workspace is small, you should go for a tower fan that offers lower air circulation, because you may get uncomfortable with the speed and sound of a fan generating high circulation.
  • Larger Space: for large spaces, such as living rooms, common, large bedrooms, shops and conference rooms, you can place a tower fan with powerful air flow.

You should also read our tower fan reviews, along with the product specifications, to get the better idea about the air flow capacity of different tower fans.


Having a tower fan is a sign of style, class and efficiency. Tower fans are sleek, have cool looks, give better than just a cooling, save more energy than you could expect and occupy less space as well. Moreover, they’re perfect for keeping your room environment clean and healthy.

Bear in mind that customers often complained about their fans giving a little less than expectations on highest power. But, if you haven’t observed any such problem, you wouldn’t have with these fans either.

Now, it’s up to you to go give your room a fresh breather, and buy a tower fan for extra cooling. After reading the best tower fan reviews, you’d have surely decided about the right model for your home or office needs.