Put Your Tower Fan In The Right Place

A hot and humid summer day can really affect your mood, health, and productivity. A tower fan can provide a cool breeze where it’s needed most. Keep your tower fan in the right place to stay cool at times when the heat is really getting you down. A tower fan produces a vertical sheet of […]

Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan

It’s best to read up on the tower fan vs. pedestal fan comparison before you decide which one is right for you. Although both these fans can keep you cool, they have their pluses and minuses, so think about your needs before you pick one of them. Let’s look at some key things to consider […]

Dyson Tower Fans Offer Unique Benefits

There are so many tower fan models on the market that it’s hard to tell them apart. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different sets of features. However, some products stand out because they are a class apart — Dyson’s tower fans offer unique benefits at a price. A Dyson fan […]


Tower fans have really taken over the room fan market from the old electric fans that are seen in so many homes. That only makes sense since tower fans can do so much more than regular electric fans. They help to filter the air that passes through them and some of them even have properties […]


More and more these days you are seeing standard electric room fans being replaced by what are known as tower fans. These units are much different than their predecessors that have been around for many decades. They are taller as the name indicates than standard electric fans and they also have other characteristics that give […]

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Tower Fan

It isn’t easy to choose a tower fan because of the huge variety of models that are currently available. It’s best to consider your needs and how much you’re willing so spend before you decide on which tower fan is right for you. Some of the things to consider while shopping for a tower fan […]

10 Best Tower Fans of 2017

A variety of tower fans of different types are currently available in the market, so it isn’t easy to choose one that’s right for you. You need to think about your needs and how much you want to spend before you shop for a tower fan. Compare features and prices and read online reviews before […]

Lasko Tower Fan Model Comparison

It is becoming apparent that tower fans will continue to capture a bigger share of the electric fan market in the coming years. They offer you so many more benefits when compared to regular electric fans. A tower fan can even filter and purify the air that passes through, and they are much quieter than […]