Emjoi Epilator – AP-18MS Review – Best Hair Removal For Men

If anyone asks me what is the best hair removal for men? I would say in one sentence, Emjoi AP-18MS Epilator is the one for you. This Emjoi epilator is the best epilator for men in market, also the fastest one! This is the first, and the only epilator specially designed for men. This is slightly expensive than ladies epilators. But this can pull up the coarse hair from the skin. This is a my far the most powerful epilator in market made for men.

YES! It is a specially designed epilator with 72 tweezers, mounted on a metal head. These tweezers help you to epilate a lot faster and efficiently than many other expensive epilators in the market.

This tool helps you to save time and money, which you spend in the beauty salon to have a hair free skin. Check for the best price for this Emjoi epilator.

Emjoi AP-18MS

Pros & Cons of Emjoi AP-18MS Epilator


Emjoi AP-18MS is a specialized tool for men. This product is designed to pick up the coarse hair from your skin. Its 72 metallic tweezers pull out the hair from their root in just a few stroke. These tweezers are very powerful, and you can have a perfect result of epilation. The tweezer head has a 17mm opening disc. This covers a broad area in the first attempt. Amazon has got the best price for this epilator, click here to check.

This epilator can pick up very short hair like a length of 0.4mm. Its middle lifting finger lifts up the lying hair on the skin and epilates them. This can make your skin stay smooth up to 6 weeks.

The dual speed system helps you to control the power of the epilator to reduce pain level.

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This epilator can be used on your legs, arms, back and on your chest. This will ensure you to have a handsome hair free look.

The epilators cord is much longer that you can reach the hair portion and epilate the area with ease. These make Emjoi Emagine AP-18MS the best epilator for men.


Hair removal for men can be a little bit ticklish on some body part. And it might hurt a little bit more on some body parts. But does the best epilation for men.


This Emjoi epilator offers a broad range of features to help the guys for their epilation. The amazing features make the epilator best for the guys.

  • 72 metallic tweezers: These powerful metallic tweezers work like magic on the coarse hair on your body. These can pull out the hairs in a few stroke. These tweezers bring out the hairs from the root. You will feel hair free smooth skin. You can have a hair free skin up to 6 weeks. The tweezers can bring out the hair as short as 0.4mm.
  • Ergonomic design: It helps you to balance the epilator well and have a comfortable use.
  • Dual speed: Dual speed levels helps you to control speed have a safe epilation.
  • Cool touch metal head: The cool-touch metal head gives you soothing comfort.
  • 17mm disc opening: This 17mm disc opening gives you effective hair removal.
  • Glide technology: Glide technology helps to reduce skin irritation. This also soothes your skin.
  • Dual opposed head: This dual-opposed head holds the skin taut and makes your epilation more comfortable. This can grab a lot of hairs at a time and epilates them.
  • Middle lifting finger: These middle lifting fingers prepares the hair to epilate. They lift the hairs on the skin and makes epilation easier.
  • Silver Ion protection: This keeps the surface antimicrobial protected. This helps you to use the product for a longer period.
  • Attachments: The model got some extra attachments too. Those are:
    1.    Shaver/Trimmer head attachment
    2.    Travel pouch
    3.    Cleansing brush
    These give a better result of epilation.
  • Corded epilator: This is corded epilator. This helps you get rid of the charging problem.

User Reviews:

Users love the product undoubtedly. It is the only epilator for men in the market. But they even say that it can be ticklish and painful in some parts of the body. But epilation hurts, everyone knows that.

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It is the only and best epilator for men. There is no alternative to this product. But still you can use Emjoi Emagine AP-18 as an alternative. Though it is a ladies epilator, it still works well. For more information, heck for the best price for this Emjoi epilator.

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