The 10 Best Food Processor Reviews 2018

If you spend time in the kitchen you would know that most of your time and energy gets used up in the preparation of ingredients including chopping of vegetables, kneading dough, shredding cheese and so on. Once the ingredients are prepared, the actual cooking process seems much simpler. This is exactly the reason why most smart cooks choose the best food processor to do all their tedious chores for them so that they can employ their free time doing something else.  Best food processors, also sometimes rightly called the ‘workhorse’ of the kitchen, help you with many daily kitchen tasks involving chopping, grinding, mincing, slicing, shredding, pureeing and much more. If you cook for yourself or your family on a regular basis, you will do yourself a huge favor in bringing home this multi-functional tool which will effectively help you with most of your kitchen chores making your cooking experience much easier and enjoyable. But before actually heading to the store to make your purchase, you must read our food processor reviews to find the best available product.

Top 10 Food Processor in Summary

NameMaterialSizeWeightColorAvailable Sizes
Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food ProcessorPlastic3 Cup3 lbsBrushed Chrome2.63, 4, 8 Cup
KitchenAid Food ProcessorPolycarbonate7-Cup8.1 poundsEmpire Red8, 9 Cup
Cuisinart Elite Collection Food ProcessorAluminum14-Cup20 lbsDie Cast12, 13 Cup
Breville All In One Processing StationStainless SteelFull Size5.8 poundsGraphite & Silver3.5, 12 Cup
Cuisinart Pro Classic Food ProcessorPlastic7_cup32 lbsWhite8, 12, 13 Cup
Cuisinart Elemental Food ProcessorPlastic8 Cup6 poundsSilver7, 12 Cup
Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food ProcessorPlastic10 Cup7 poundsBlack8, 12 Cup
Cuisinart Elite Collection Food ProcessorPlastic12 Cup20 poundsWhite8 Cup
BRAUN Food Processor With Coarse Slicing Insert Blade BundleStainless Steel + PlasticAll in One9.7 poundsWhite8, 10, 12 Cup
Breville Sous Chef Food ProcessorStainless SteelAll in One26 lbsStainless Steel10, 12 Cup

What must you look for when purchasing the food processors?

There are huge variety of food processors available in the market that comes with different features and price ranges to choose from. You should need to consider the amount and types of meals you are going to prepare in it and the features you would like to have in your food processor along with the budget you are prepared to allocate. Here is a list of some important features you need to consider in the food processor that you are going to buy:


The higher the wattage of the food processor, the better it will perform. It is therefore essential that you choose an appliance with a higher wattage with a minimum of 600 watts so that it can perform even the toughest processing tasks with ease. Tasks like kneading dough, making nut butter and chopping hard vegetables call for a powerful food processor to perform the task and if it is not capable enough, such tasks could wear down the motors.


Food processors are available in a wide range of sizes from mini food processors of 2 to 3 cups work bowl size to large food processors of up to 20 cups work bowl size capable of processing food for large groups of people. You need to make the selection based on the number of people you normally cook for and the amount of countertop space available to you. For a small family of 3 to 4 people, a food processor with an 11 cup work bowl should work perfectly. If you additionally chop nuts or crush herbs often, a food processor with small work bowl and blade in addition to a large work bowl would make a great choice.


Best quality food processors have a range of accessories available in the packing to make food preparation easier for you. You need to select a food processor that has all the accessories you could make use of. The accessories that may be included in the food processor that you select are different sizes of work bowls, slicing and grating disks of variable thickness, dough blade, citrus press and much more. Take some time to consider whether you will actually use these additional attachments. If you are not going to use them except only once in a while, there’s no use spending money on them.


Food processors are available in a variety of different features and capabilities. Most food processors come with one speed setting and a pulse option to give instantaneous bursts of power for tasks that require accurate outcomes. One speed option is sufficient for most processing tasks but do make sure that the appliance you buy includes a pulse option. Select a processor that features a smooth touch pad control, one that is convenient to use and clean. Controls with buttons which have grooves in between can become quite difficult to clean; try to avoid them. Make sure that all the attachments are dishwasher safe so that you can use the appliance on a regular basis without the worry of the clean up involved after the work is done.

Feed Tube:

Feed tube on the lid of the food processor bowl allows you to push fruits and vegetables in the bowl to be processed. Make sure that the device you select comes with a large feed tube that allows the addition of whole fruits and vegetables without going through the additional trouble of cutting them.


Last but definitely not the least, it is very important that you invest your money in a product from a reputable manufacturer so that you can rest assured that it will deliver what it promises and is going to last. KitchenAid and Cuisinart are currently the best selling brands that produce food processors. A good warranty will further give you some peace of mind while using your appliance.

Keeping these few things in mind, you will be able to select the best food processor, one that will fulfill all your needs and expectations.

Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor


Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food ProcessorAs you’d expect from any appliance carrying the Cuisinart label, the DLC-2ABC is a stylish model with a brushed chrome finish and sleek, ergonomic design. Ideal for lightweight chopping, grinding, pureeing and blending, it is the go-to device for quick, small-volume kitchen prep. It can even grind coffee beans or spice mixes.

The DLC-2ABC has a 3-cup capacity from a 24-ounce work bowl with handle. That makes it large enough to deal with preparing onions, garlic and herbs, but falls short of the size required to comfortably prepare carrots or cabbage. The unit is powered by a 250-watt motor with a pulse setting. Provided the items are diced small enough, the motor runs comfortably, but has a tendency to overheat if the bowl is overloaded.

One of the most appealing features of this mini food processor is the reversible stainless-steel blade, with a sharp edge for fine-chopping herbs and vegetables, and a blunt edge for pulverizing and grinding beans or spices. The blades are controlled from a simple push-button panel instead of a dial, lending the processor more to pulsing rather than sustained processing.

Cleaning the DLC-2ABC is quick and easy. The unit has a lightweight plastic body and dishwasher-safe bowl and the blades can be detached swiftly.


The most competitive price for a mini-food processor on the market without sacrificing quality. A powerful motor that runs at a reasonable noise level. Conforms to North American Electrical standards.

KitchenAid Food Processor

KitchenAid KFP0722ER 7-Cup Food Processor

The food processing component of Kitchen Aid’s distinctive Empire Red culinary suite is a tough, mid-sized mini food processor with a stylish finish.

The real crowd-pleaser here is the ingenious Extra Slice system, whereby an external lever allows you to adjust the slicing thickness while the processor is underway, meaning you don’t have to unplug, remove the lid and switch blades to adjust. It’s just one of the user-friendly touches that make this one of the best mini food processors in its class.

The KFP0722ER is an ambitious model for the discerning chef. High and low speed pulse settings give you greater control over slicing thickness, while a 2-in-1 feeder tube allows continuous slicing or shredding with a choice of width.

The 7-cup capacity bowl puts this model firmly within the mini food processor category. These smaller bowl processors have a tendency to overfill, but the special locking system and Ultra Tight Seal give maximum leak resistance at greater volumes.

Cooks will love the blade selection – shredding disc, reversible Sabatier blade and multipurpose blade, for a full range of chopping, dicing and pureeing options.

The unit comes with a tough polycarbonate base that wipes clean easily.


At 15” from base to tip, this unit will fit comfortably inside most cabinets. Comes with a one-year warranty.

Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14-Cup Food Processor

A larger, slicker upgrade on the 12-cup Cuisinart, the FP-14DCN Elite is a top of the range model that is more than a match for the busy sous chef. This unit will allow you to dispatch anything from carrots to cabbage, with the option of working on smaller volume ingredients such as purees and salsas.

The FP-14DCN takes its name from the 14-cup large bowl, but you also get a smaller 4 ½ cup bowl that can be inserted directly onto the central stem. Use this for herbs, nuts or sauces. Both are secured with a SealTight Advantage system that locks out the blades when the lid is off, but keeps liquids sealed in once the processor is in action.

The Cuisinart comes with a stainless steel slicing disc for 10mm thickness, a shredding disc and a dough blade. Not much to play with, perhaps, but once hooked up to the 1,000W motor and fed by a wide mouth feeding tube, there’s little this model can’t chop, dice, shred or puree.

With a Cuisinart, you expect cutting edge design. It doesn’t disappoint, with an electronic touch pad, LED display and a smart aluminium die cast base unit. The cord is retractable to save space, and an accessory storage case keeps the parts tidy.


A 10-year motor warranty and 3-year limited warranty is a bold statement of intent. You’ll keep this for years, and they know it.

Breville All In One Processing Station

Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station

Unlike the mini and full size processors, which attach variable blades to a static base unit, the Breville taps into the power source from an immersion blender from above. Select your bowl, attach the blade, and set the whole combination spinning by inserting the motorized power unit. Incidentally, this handheld blender can also be used to blend purees or emulsions directly within a bowl.

With just a 6-cup processing bowl, the Breville is small for a processor, but it makes up for it with the speed of deployment. Drawing power from a 280W blender, the Breville can lock into a reversible shredding disc, variable slicing disc or conventional s blade. Not much power, perhaps, but 15 speed settings to play with, and a bell-shaped blending base with internal ribbing to extract maximum ergonomic performance.

The cutting blades give a good range of options, too, thanks to an adjustable slicing disc with 19 thickness settings, from 0.5mm right up to 6mm. There’s even the opportunity to crush ice, something not normally reserved for mini or full size processors.

The all-in-one comes with all the ergonomic, user-friendly flourish you’d expect from Breville. The trade-off is in sacrificing brute power, as well as an exhaustive set of attachments and extras to accommodate.


A versatile solution for the chef needing to tackle a variety of tasks.

Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor

At the lower end of the Cuisinart food processor range, the Pro Classic 7 cup is nevertheless capable of tackling all kinds of vegetables and fruit. Unusually for a 7-cup capacity processor, it also comes with a kneading blade for preparing dough.

The unit comes with an entry-level selection of blades. A stainless steel chopping blade with a medium 4mm slicing disc and shredding disc. Not, perhaps, much to shout about, but an extra large feeding tube with small and large pushers allows you to insert whole fruits and vegetables without the need for pre-preparation. The 600 watt motor means that even whole carrots or apples shouldn’t cause the blades to jam, but cutting up the ingredients is nevertheless preferable to stressing the motor. A bonus flat cover allows processing at the bottom of the bowl.

When it comes to cleaning, the Cuisinart is a delight. The detachable disc stem allows easier cleaning, and the plastic bowl is heat resistant enough to go in the dishwasher. This model is intended for straightforward processing, with just a single paddle control for one speed or pulse options.

Welcome extras include a spatula for preparing salsas or humus, and a recipe book for inspiration. The Cuisinart comes with a five-year full motor warranty and a three-year unit warranty.


Might not give a full range of speed and cutting options, but it does what it does without fail.

Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor

Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor

With one of the strongest reputations for reliability in the processor market, Cuisinart has a loyal following among Amazon reviewers for its durability and performance. The FP-8SV is no exception, with 4.2 out of 5 stars to date.

A step up in size from the DLC-2ABC, the FP-8SV gives an 8-cup work bowl capable of chopping larger vegetables, as long as they are cut into manageable sizes first. Measurement markings on the bowl take some of the guesswork out of preparing recipes, too, while an integrated feeder tube gives the option of adding ingredients gradually while the processor is underway. For good reason, more than one Amazon reviewer singles out the strong performance for this mini processor in making excellent salsa.

Thanks to a robust 350-watt motor and a choice of blade settings, including low speed, high speed, and pulse, the FP-8SV is less likely to seize or overheat than some of its lower quality competitors on the market. A choice of blades also gives the processor a more versatile performance range. Choose the s-blade for chopping or dicing on pulse setting, or pureeing on a continuous speed. Alternatively, the reversible disc blades allow you to shred vegetables to medium or fine thickness.


A versatile, mid-range mini-processor. Durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Light (6lbs) and easy to store away.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

With a Hamilton Beach kitchen appliance, you can put your trust in a reliable, no-frills unit that will more than repay what is ultimately a modest investment. In this case, the 10-cup is one of the best food processors in the budget category. For a double-figures price tag, you get a solid, 10-cup, 525-watt machine with an acceptable range of attachments.

The Hamilton Beach will comfortably slice, chop, dice and puree thanks to 2 reversible slicing and shredding discs. You can even shred cheese or find shred and crinkle cut vegetables. The 525-watt motor gives adequate power, controlled through a two-speed dial. A large feeding chute means you can get away with vegetable preparation without having to laboriously pre-cut each item.

If there’s a criticism of Hamilton Beach, it’s that their units can appear bulky yet lightweight. This model is just 7lbs, in fact, making it not much heavier than some mini food processors. That said, all components fit together snugly and the food processor sits comfortably on the counter top.

Nice design features include an internal cord storage recess so that the cable can’t stray onto wet or hot surfaces, and a one year warranty should anything go wrong.


Safe but unspectacular, but for this price you won’t be expecting all the bells and whistles

Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor

Cuisinart Elite Collection FP-12 12-Cup Food Processor

Easily one of the more powerful models in the category, the Cuisinart Elite proves itself to be the best food processor for quick, effective vegetable preparation. Thanks to an impressive 1,000 Watt motor, the unit blitzes fruit, vegetables and purees with just a couple of touches on the control panel.

Choose between a 12-cup work bowl, more than enough for large servings or batches, and a smaller 4-cup nesting bowl that fits neatly inside for smaller portions or purees. Either is fed via a wide mouth feeding tube that cuts out the need for excessive pre-preparation.

Blades to work with include a simple selection of stainless steel slicing disc, shredding disc, chopping/mixing blades and dough blade. The Cuisinart Elite sacrifices some of the fancier flourishes for raw power. Speed is controlled by a straightforward on/off button with a pulse option. Safety is taken care of with a Seal Tight Advantage system that locks the blades and keeps a tight, leak proof seal when underway.

The Cuisinart Elite is built to North American Electrical Standards with a durable poly-carbonate bowl and drip-free pour spout. Inspiration comes in the form of a recipe book and how-to DVD, as well as a handy spatula.


Awesome power meets unpretentious functionality.

BRAUN Food Processor With Coarse Slicing Insert Blade Bundle

BRAUN FP3020 Food Processor With The Coarse Slicing Insert Blade Bundle

The Braun K650 all-in-one provides an integrated solution for completing most basic food preparation tasks with a minimum of fuss. Dependable Braun engineering, a simple, pleasing design, and an uncomplicated set-up make this one of the best food processors for completing multiple tasks.

Power comes through a 600W motor, enough to cope with most operations and surprisingly quiet even at full speed. There are 15 speed settings in total, one of which is the pulse setting for blitzing purees or making breadcrumb. All in all, the Braun can span a range of kitchen duties from quick onion and garlic dicing to cheese grating and shredding.

The action takes place in a 9-cup capacity work bowl with a lock and load seal for additional safety. Choose from four discs and three s-blades, including a dough hook for processing up to 3lbs of dough, and a cream attachment for whipping single or double cream. Health fanatics will appreciate the juicer attachment, a grooved juicing cone that fits over the main central column.

For all its attachments, the Braun is surprisingly easy to disassemble and clean, with all parts dishwasher-safe. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty gives extra peace of mind should something go wrong.


A superior model that fits a lot of function into just over 6lbs.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Slice, dice, shred, knead or chop to your heart’s content with this powerful 14-cup all-in-one food processor from Hamilton Beach. Lock it together easily, activating the safety seal, and feed in your vegetables or fruit through the 3-in-1 big mouth feeder tube, meaning that you won’t have to cut all your vegetables first.

This processor comes with 5 attachments and a storage case, spanning the full range of cutting functions from dicing to shredding. A total of 14 thickness settings on the blades give you complete control over the type of cut you want.

Hamilton Beach has a history of producing good-looking, ergonomic kitchen machines. This processor is no exception, with a pleasant brushed steel finish and one-touch LED display to eliminate any confusion about what function to choose.

Cleaning and packing it away is a breeze, with a compact storage case for all the attachments, and a neat dicing tool to clean out the trickier grids. The processor even comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty should anything not be up to standard.

Overall, this is a versatile all-in-one food processor for the accomplished chef, allowing you to tackle the majority of chopping functions while customising them to your desired result.


All the blades you need at the speed you want.


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