Emjoi Epilator – Emagine AP-18 Review – Best Epilator Under $100

​What is so special about an epilator?

The Emjoi epilator model Emagine AP-18 is a magic tool with 72 tweezers. And it is one of the top three epilators on the market. The tweezers help you to epilate faster than ever. And it is a medium price ranged epilator.

This Emjoi epilator has the highest numbers of tweezers. It has 72 tweezers. This huge number of tweezers makes the epilation faster than ever. And it has silver Ion technology that provides antimicrobial protection.

This gives the tweezers a long life. It has 17-mm opening disc for effective hair removal. And the medium price makes it more adorable.

Emjoi Emagine AP-18 Emagine

Pros & Cons of Emjoi Epilator - Emagine AP-18


This model got a 17-mm opening disc holding 72 powerful tweezers. This helps the epilation get done in a short time. The 72 tweezers cover a broad area of hair and epilate the whole area in one stroke. This reduces time consumption and pain. The tweezers pick up the hair from the root. You can have smooth skin up to 4-6 weeks.

Emjoi Emagine AP-18 Emagine

The model has a dual-opposed head. This holds the skin taut and makes the epilation comfortable. This dual-opposed head also helps to hold all the hair at a time. Many real users from Amazon have told about how good it is. You can check them by clicking here.

The product got patented glide technology. This provides the discs to move on your skin without irritation. It soothes your skin and makes epilation comfortable for you.

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The hair lifting finger helps you to lift the hairs while epilating. This assures you a perfect epilation.

This product is very good at epilating the ugly chin hair. It also does a good job on the upper lip hairs.

It’s an easy to use Emjoi epilator. It’s ergonomically engineered to have a safe epilation. Its curved surface helps you to epilate your curved body parts like the knees and underarms.

The epilator can pick up the hairs length of 0.5 mm. It reduces ingrown hair possibility. So it's safe to use the epilator if you are scared of getting ingrown hairs.

This Emjoi epilator is very gentle to pick up the facial hair. It has 2 speed system. With the help of the system, you can maintain the speed level when you are epilating your face.


The problem I can find is it is not a cordless epilator (best cordless epilator is here). It runs on direct power connection. So you can not use in the shower. But still it is a wonderful epilator. The power makes it so amazing than most of the expensive epilators. Click here to see more reviews on Amazon.

If your concern is about the wet and dry epilator, Then you should go for the Braun Silk-Epil 9. It’s one of the best epilators with loads of features. For more information click here.


There are a few epilators that have such power as the Emjoi epilator, Emagine Ap-18 has. The product offers a lot of features. Features are given below:

  • 72 tweezers: The 72 tweezers helps you to uproot your skin hair in a short time. You can have a smooth hair free skin for a longer period. It lasts up to 4-6 weeks. The tweezers also help you epilate in comfort.Emjoi Emagine AP-18 Emagine
  • Patented glide technology: This feature helps you reduce skin irritation during epilation. This makes your task more enjoyable.
  • Silver Ion technology: This provides antimicrobial protection. This increases the life of the tweezers.
  • Dual oppose staggered head: These heads catches most of the hair at the first grip. This consumes time and lessens the pain.
  • Middle lifting fingers: These finger sare specially designed to lift the short and flat-lying hair. These fingers lift the hairs and bring out from the root.
  • Curved surface: The epilator is specially designed curved to use it on the curvier part of your body.
  • Ergonomic body: The feature is established to get an easy grip over the product. This makes it easy to handle and use.
  • Dual speed: This dual speed helps you to manage the speed on your different body part according to its need.
  • Electrically operated: The product is electrically operated. It’s a corded epilator. You can use it only plugging in into power source. It comes with 110/240V power cord.

The epilation result can be more amazing if you use these extra epilation tools. They are:

1.    Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves: This scrubs your skin and helps you to prevent ingrown hairs.

2.    PFB Vanish Hair Remover: The product removes the ingrown hair from your skin And gives you a fantastic skin.

3.    Tweez’em Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers: These tweezers can be used to pick up the tiny missed hairs.

4.    Bellabe an Alternative to Rotatory Facial Epilators: This can help you to epilate your face if you find the epilator very rough to your skin.

User Reviews:

The product is currently on the top of the users choice. This model has got many new features that made it users favourite. Still it does have some negativity according to the users. Users have a complain that it doesn’t have a built-in light option, and it is not a cordless epilator. But it is still the most demanding product in today’s market.


This is undoubtedly one of the best epilators in the market. This ensures the best epilation result in a short time. And it is a medium priced epilator.

A perfect alternative would be the Braun Silk Epil7 Xpressive 7681. Because it has a built-in light option. It is a wet and dry epilator. For more information click here.

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