Guide On How To Use A Belgian Waffle Maker

Did you know that a Belgian Waffle can put a smile on your face? Well, If you like your waffles crispy or spongy, golden brown or dark brown, having a waffle maker is an absolute necessity. A Belgian waffle maker is an affordable and easy-to-use appliance that you can easily purchase either online or from a department store near you.

That way you can always be sure of having a waffle ready in a matter of minutes, every time you need one. In this article, we’ll be sharing instructions and tips on how to use a Belgian waffle maker to ensure that you get the best out of your purchase.

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As always, before using any appliance, safety comes first. The Belgian waffle maker is no exception. It comes with a 120-volt power rating, and you should, therefore, ensure that your power supply voltage does not exceed that. It also comes with a 4-feet long power cord, which is just about the right size for a kitchen appliance. You don’t want a very long cord that will keep getting tangled up and pose a risk of tripping.Also, dust off your appliance before first-time use to get rid of any dirt which may have collected during shipping. Once you’ve done this, you’re now ready to plug in your appliance for use. Follow these instructions, and you’ll have your waffles ready in a couple of minutes.

1. Pre-Heating the Waffle Grids 

Ensure that the waffle maker is set up on a stable surface with adequate working space. Also, ensure that you have removed all stickers and wrappings that come with the waffle maker. Place the drip tray below the waffle grids to collect any batter spillage that may occur. Plug in the power cord to your mains socket. The red power LED on the waffle grids will light up. Turn the Browning Control Dial to your preferred setting. If you prefer crispy waffles, use the highest setting. Wait for a few minutes (approx. 4 minutes) until the green “ready” light comes on.

2. Oiling the Waffle Grids 

Once the waffle grids have been pre-heated to your preferred level, open up the lid and oil them for first-time use. You don’t have to repeat this step if you’re making several waffles. You can use either flavorless vegetable oil or cooking spray for this. If you’re using vegetable oil, spread it around with a pastry brush or a paper towel.

3. Pour in the Batter 

It is recommended that you use the measuring cup that is packaged together with your waffle maker to measure the right amount of batter. Pour the batter in the middle of the waffle grids and spread it out evenly with a heatproof spatula. Ensure that the batter has perfectly filled the grid for fully-filled waffles. Close the lid and rotate the handle 180 degrees to the right.

4. Wait for your Waffles to Bake 

The Belgian waffle maker comes with two green LED lights; one on each side of the waffle grids. Once you’ve flipped it, you’ll notice that the ready green light remains “on for some seconds before turning off. It will turn back on when your waffles are ready. You’ll also notice some smoke and weird smell coming from your waffle maker while cooking. You should not panic; this is perfectly normal for this appliance. The green light should turn on after approximately 3 minutes to indicate that your waffles are ready. This time will vary depending on the browning setting that you have selected.

toppings for your belgian waffles

5. Removing the Waffles

To remove the waffles, you need to rotate the handle 180 degrees to your left and then lift to open the lid. Use a heatproof spatula to lift the waffles out. You should avoid using stainless steel materials because they can damage the non-stick coating that is applied to the surface of your grids. If you notice the waffles sticking to the grids, try adding more butter to your batter. You can adjust the browning of your waffles through the Browning Adjustment Dial. Turning it down will result in lighter brown waffles. If you prefer darker ones, turn it up accordingly.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance 

Unplug the waffle maker from the power supply and allow it to cool down before cleaning it. For cleaning, you need to wipe the waffle grid surfaces with a damp cloth. Detach the dripping tray and clean it as well. Clean the external surface by wiping with a damp cloth. Close the lid and bend the handle into the storage-friendly position. Store your waffle maker until the next time you need it.

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