A Quick Look at the Hamilton Beach 25450 Gourmet Panini Press

If you love the taste of those mouthwatering sandwiches being served at the cafes and restaurants, it’s time to get yourself a Hamilton Beach 25450 gourmet panini press. This easy-to-use panini press is the ideal appliance to have in your kitchen as it can help you make tasty sandwiches for your entire family.

A one-stop solution for tasty sandwiches

There are many kitchen products in the market that offer several things together. However, when it comes to the Hamilton Beach 25450, you can expect some healthy, tasty and quick panini, which is what this press is made for. In addition, you can also try making mouth-watering pizzas or tasty and yummy quesadillas.

The best part of the panini press is that it can accommodate sandwiches of any thickness. This is possible as the unit is not hinged. If it was hinged at the joint, it would have simply squeezed all the filling out of thick sandwiches. Instead, with the help of the adjustable lid, you can grill sandwiches of any thickness.
You can try out thin ones with a layer of cheese between two slices, or you can try the thickest ham sandwiches with layers of meat and vegetables to tickle your taste buds. A lock on the unit allows you to apply a constant force on the sandwiches to get them heated evenly.

How to use a panini press

The best features of the Hamilton Beach 25450 Gourmet Panini Press

While many sandwich makers and panini press units are available in the market, the HB 25450 is special because of the following product features:

  • panini_sandwich_ccg

    Source: Steven Depolo under CC 2.0

    The floating lid allows even contact with the bread of the sandwich, irrespective of its thickness

  • The dimensions of the nonstick grids are 12 inches x 8.5 inches
  • Multiple sandwiches can be grilled at one go, thanks to the width of the nonstick grids
  • Indicators for power and preheating let you control the unit more efficiently
  • Upright storage makes it easy to keep, even in kitchens where space is a huge concern
  • You can choose any ingredient to make the best sandwiches ever

No need to worry if your kids or family members are very choosy about the ingredients of the sandwiches. No need to worry if your spouse loves her sandwiches thick with layers of cheese, meat and vegetables.

No need to worry if you want to experiment with different types of bread and make the tastiest sandwiches for yourself and your family. With this Panini Press unit, you can easily make your sandwiches the way you want them.

You can try tortillas, sandwich rolls, English breads, Italian breads and many more options to grill the tastiest breakfast for your family. The appetizing grill marks on the sandwiches and the evenly heated and cooked ingredients inside will make your children enjoy their breakfast like never before.

Usage instructions

When you use the HB 25450 to make sandwiches, you need to consider a few simple points. This will ensure that your sandwiches will look just like the ones the local café makes. Before putting the sandwiches on the nonstick grid, you may want to apply a vegetable cooking spray to ensure stick-free cooking.

In case thicker sandwiches shift after being pressed, you can use a plastic spatula to reposition them. Cleaning the unit is even easier. All you need to do is to wipe the cooking surfaces with a dish cloth after it has cooled down.


With the Hamilton Beach 25450 gourmet panini press, you can amaze your family and friends by serving up professional-looking healthy sandwiches.

While munching on the panini, they may think that you ordered them from a local café. As you break the news that you made the sandwiches at home in matter of minutes, you can imagine their amazement. They will be totally dumbstruck. Enjoy the healthiest homemade sandwiches of any thickness with the HB 25450 Panini Press.

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