How A Ceiling Fan Works- The Basics

In the modern era that we live in today, has drastically changed from what it was to be known back in days of 20th century and the time has progressed, the manufacturing of technology has drastically improved as well.

These revolutionized technologies began to come into existence due to your comfortability. With the passing span of time, engineers comprehended your future requirements. They understood the kind of care and comfort you deserved and required and so the journey to building the ceiling fans began back in the days of 1860’s.

The Idea of Conventional Ceiling Way

Ceiling Fan

These ceiling fans were foremost introduced in the US during the 1860/70’s. However, back in those times these ceiling fans were not powered by electricity but rather used the stream of water as the source to put the ceiling fans into action.

Advent of Electric Ceiling Fan

Precisely in 1882 the world was blessed with advent of electric ceiling fans made by Philip Diehl who mounted the fan blades on the motor of sewing machine and thus by hanging it to the ceiling, invented electric ceiling fan.

Components an Electric Ceiling Fan

Components an Electric Ceiling Fan

Source: PopularMechanics.Com