How To Reduce Epilation Pain

“Epilation is painful”. It is true and false at the same time. Epilation can be a painful experience when you will use it for the very first time. But the pain will fade away after using it for several times. Epilators will pull out your body hair from the root by the rotation of its tweezers which sounds pretty much painful. Yes it is, but only for the first time. Your body will cope up after using it for 3-4 times. The whole process is very effective. You will fall in love with your hair free glowing skin after using an epilator.

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Here are some suggestions by which you can reduce the pain:

Use numbing creams: You can use numbing cream before epilating if the whole process seems too painful for you. Numbing creams which are also known as lidocaine creams will not let you feel a thing. Apply the cream about an hour or two hours before. Remember to apply the cream instead of rubbing it. Then start epilating. Before using these products always read the instructions and make sure that the product will not harm your skin.

Take a shower before starting: Take a warm shower before using an epilator. It will relax your skin and let the pores open. The warm shower will help to remove the hairs easily and you will feel less pain. Otherwise, the pain will be doubled. So you must take a shower before epilating your skin.

Try a wet and dry epilator: If you have a wet and dry epilator then things will be easier for you. You can use it while showering even in your bathtub underneath the water. It is preferable for those who find it more painful to use a dry epilator. You can also use your wet and dry epilator after you get used to the pain.

Exfoliate properly: If you exfoliate your skin properly, the possibility of ingrown hair will be less. After using an epilator, the last thing you want is ingrown hairs. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells and make your skin smoother. Always choose exfoliating cleansers that contain sea salt or sugar. Exfoliate your skin a day before epilation. It will surely reduce the pain.

Use a moisturizer: Never forget to use a moisturizer after using an epilator. It will make your skin smooth. Well, it is not a process to reduce the pain. But it is the most important thing when you use an epilator.

Use an epilator that has a higher number of tweezers: The higher the number of tweezers, the less pain you will feel. The tweezers mainly remove the hairs from your body by their rotation. So it will be less painful because the duration of the whole process will be less.

Don’t use ice: I personally don’t recommend to use for epilation. Ice is usually used to numb the skin and reduce the pain. But ice will close the pores and it will make harder to epilate the hairs. So use numbing creams instead of ice.

Take painkillers if needed: You can take a painkiller before starting to epilate. It will help you to feel less pain while using the epilator. You can take a painkiller before the first time. You will cope up with the pain after using it regularly.

You will feel pain for the first time. But you will surely love your hair free skin after epilation that you will forget the painful part. These steps will not remove the pain but will surely reduce it.


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