Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

Type of Product

​Electric Pressure Cooker

Who is it For:

Cooks Everywhere

Critic Overall Rating:

Key Features

  • 6-quart capacity
  • Pressure cooking
  • Slow Cooking
  • Rice Cooking
  • Browning
  • Yogurt Making

The Good

  • Offers Several Cooking Functions, Not Just Pressure Cooking
  • Stainless Steel Interior Means Easy Clean-Up
  • Intuitive Interface and Many Presets allows you to "Set it and Forget It"
  • Capacity Allows the Cooking of Large Meals

The Bad

  • No Mid-range pressure setting
  • Plastic Dials Susceptible to Damage

The Summary:  Loved by both critics and consumers alike, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is the best Electric Pressure Cooker available.  Even though it has it flaws, it more than makes up for them with great features not found in many other electric pressure cookers. 

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Overall Performance:

While lacking a mid-range pressure cooking setting, the overall versatility of the DUO60 makes up for it with its range of cooking features. Its large, 6-quart capacity will handle everything from stews to porridges and everything in between. As well, the aluminum cooking surface allows heat to be distributed evenly, so your food will never suffer from irregular heating. Condensation leaking all over the place never needs to be a problem, as the unit contains a lip and reservoir to collect it. And with the beauty of pressure cooking, your meals will be ready to eat in record time.

​Ease of Use

The interface is easy to use and comes programmed with several presets to make cooking a snap. Start and delay timing allow you to load it up, enter the start time and leave it in true set it and forget it fashion. Some consumers have complained about the product having a steep learning curve.  The user manual is pretty extensive and can take a while to get a full understanding of.  However, once you learn how to operate the cooker, you will wonder how you made it without.   

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stainless-steel finish is stylish and remains cool to the touch as the heat is trapped inside the unit. It contains an easily removable cooking liner, making clean up a cinch.  There have been very few complaints about how well the cooker holds up.  Many consumers have been using the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 far past the limited warranty length of one year.  The user manual does include many helpful troubleshooting tips that work for most issues.  If not the customer service provide seems to satisfy most consumers, with some complaining about the lack of full support beyond the warranty.   

The Bottom Line

Critics rave about the versatility of the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker and most call it the best on the market.  Consumers appear to be just as satisfied with it and rave out how many products it replaces.