KRUPS KH734D 4-Slice Toaster Review

KRUPS KH734D Toaster has a unique design with a chrome and brushed stainless steel housing and LED indicators. Its self-centering slots can accommodate different sizes of bread slices and toast them evenly on a consistent basis. With various toasting options including defrosting, reheating, and bagel functions, this model is a must-have in your modern kitchen.

Features and Benefits – KRUPS KH734D Toaster

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 4-Slices, Silve

  • It Has Six Toast-Shade Options- This toaster from KRUPS gives you the option of six toast-shades option ranging from very dark, slightly dark, to very light. It has two dials total; one for each heating zones, numbered 1-6. This will make it easier for you to remember your perfect toast because you will go by the color and not how long to keep your food in the toaster.
  • Two Separate Toasting Zones – KRUPS KH734D Toaster comes with two separate toasting zones thereby allowing one to make breakfast for two people with varying toast preferences simultaneously. Instead of having to wait for two slices of bread to toast before toasting another two, you can toast all of them together using different settings.
  • Multiple Functions
    • KRUPS KH734D Toaster has multiple toasting functions including;
    • Bagel Function- This is one of the most outstanding features of KRUPS KH734D. It toasts bagel on the cut sides while warming it on the uncut sides. This bagel function is different from others.
    • Reheat Function- you don’t need to eat bread or foods that have gone cold, yet you can just switch the reheat function on and warm them. The best thing about this function is that it warms food without overheating them; they retain their brown color.
    • Defrost And Cancer Function- this toaster also features a defrost function that toast bread that had been frozen. The cancel feature allows you to stop the toasting cycle once you feel your food is ready.
  • best 4-slice toasterWide and Long Slots – Many toasters have narrow or short slots that do not accommodate thick slices of bread. However, with KRUPS KH734D Toaster, you get extra-large slots that measure 1.5 inches wide and 1.75 inches long. This offers enough space to fit in buns, bagels, and rolls comfortably without needing to cut them into smaller slices.
  • High Lift Lever – KH734D has a lever that lifts up food really high; you need not worry about removing bread from this toaster. The lever prevents the chances of you burning your fingers in the process of removing bread, especially small pieces of bread.
  • Removable Crumb Tray – KRUPS KH734D Toaster has two crumb trays, meaning it would be challenging to clean them effectively if they were inbuilt. However, KRUPS simplified the cleaning up of this toaster by making both crumb trays removable. You just need to slide out the crumb tray and clean it, then slide it back into the unit.
  • 1050W – Just like in other appliances, the higher the wattage value, the faster the machine heats. Since the KRUPS KH734D Toaster has a high wattage value of 1050W, you can expect it to heat up your foods really fast
  • Modern Stainless Steel Design – Besides boasting many gorgeous features and great performance in many fields, KRUPS KH734D Toaster is a presentable appliance that has a solid construction. It is entirely made of metal, unlike many toasters which are made of cheap plastic.
  • LED Indicators – It has several LED indicators that allow you to keep perfect track of toasting cycles. It eliminates doubts by allowing you to know the current state of your toast.
  • Cord Storage – In addition to all these valuable features, this 4-slice toaster has an in-built cord storage that ensures safe storage.

Pros of KRUPS KH734D Toaster

  • As discussed above, this toaster packs all the functionalities you need for the best toaster
  • It is durable and stylish; it will enhance the appearance of your kitchen
  • With an easy-to-use design and extended warranty period, it is easy to see why many consider it as the best toaster in the market
  • KRUPS KH734D Toaster features two heating zones and four wide slots to ensure all your foods are toasted perfectly

Cons of KRUPS KH734D Toaster

  • Its sides can slightly become hot after a long period of toasting
  • It is quite large and therefore may not fit easily in smaller kitchens

The Final Verdict

KRUPS KH734D Toaster is a great choice for any household and office. It is used by many people, and they are happy as the appliance performs exemplary well in virtually all fields. With a 2-year warranty, you can be assured that it will last for many years. Its stainless steel finish adds to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or office.

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