Philips Epilator – Satin Perfect HP6576 Review

Philips eiplator, Satin Perfect HP6576, is one of the high range epilators in the market. So you might ask me why should you buy it?

I think its features and performance does answer to your question. Though it is slightly high priced, it is still worth the money. Let me tell you why. The product has ceramic discs that help you to have a nourishing smooth skin, but other expensive epilators don’t have one. And it has an active hair lifter. That helps you pick up the flat-lying hairs.

If you used an epilator before, you would understand the problem of the flat-lying hair. This epilator does a perfect job epilating the flat-lying hairs, unlike the other models.

Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576

Pros & Cons of Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576


Its Hypo-allergenic textured ceramic discs are the best feature I have seen so far. These discs got 32 textured tweezers (more than 40 tweezers are better). And most importantly it epilates your skin in one stroke. This is done with the help of the powerful discs. The luxury tweezers are ideal for your eyebrows grooming.

This model is a cordless epilator. Its charge lasts up to 40 min. But the most amazing part is it gets fully charged within a short time. Do you know how short the time is? Yes, it gets fully charged in 1 hour. Where other epilators (see comparison chart) need 3-4 hours to get a full charge, this amazing gadget gets it done in only 1 hour.

The product got a removable head. This feature helps you to clean up the tweezers with ease. The hygiene of an epilator is a must for your skin health. The model helps you to keep it hygienic with its removable head.

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Philips epilator, Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576 is a very fast epilator. This does the epilation done in lesser time than many other epilators. Your legs can be done in 20 mins when you get used to it. And it lasts up to 3-4 weeks. So you don’t have to redo it very often.

The two speed points give you control over your epilation. You can change your speed level to avoid intense pain in a sensitive area.

This gadget comes with 2 years warranty. So you surely can use it without worrying about the product getting damaged. For more information about price check Amazon.


The only problem users pointed that some of them has problem epilating their face with the product. Those users have mentioned they didn’t use the 2 two speed option to maintain the speed to epilate their face. You can easily change the speed, and it will soothe your skin during face epilation.

Braun Silk Epil 9 eliminates all the cons of this epilator. For more information click here.


The product has got many amazing features that make the product more adorable. Any new customer can get attracted to the features easily.

  • Hypo-allergenic ceramic discs: The item has got 32 textured ceramic discs. That gives you perfect hair-free skin in only one stroke.Philips Satin Perfect Epilator HP6576
  • Active hair lifter: The model has active hair lifter that vibrates and helps youto lift the flat-lying hairs. This ensures you perfect hair-free skin.
  • Active massage system: This amazing feature helps you to massage your skin while you are epilating.
  • 2 Speed points: The product consists 2-speed levels:
    1 speed- For super fast epilation
    2 speed- For moderate epilation
  • Washable head: The washable head gives you easy to clean tweezers. The most other epilators don’t give you such features. So you can have a safe, hygienic epilation.
  • Opti-light: This item has an opti light, that helps you to find the thinnest hair on your skin. So you can have a smooth skin.
  • 4 attachments: The product has 4 extra attachments. Those are:
    1.    Active hair lifter
    2.    Active massage system (pivoting head)
    3.    Trimming comb
    4.    Shaver head
    This product box also consists a cleaning brush and a pouch.
  • Charing time: The Hp6576 usage time is up to 40 min. And it can be fully charged in 1 hour.
  • Warranty: The product gives you 2 years warranty.

User Reviews:

User opinion was very attractive for the product. They all loved the product a lot.They said it did worth the money. They also say this the pain level of the product is much lesser than many other products on the market. And they didn’t have any epilation problem because it had an active hair lifter feature. But some of them had a few problems to epilate their face. But the pain can be reduced if you use the 2-speed points.

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At the end I just want to say is the product is a high power product with lots of features. There is no doubt that this is one of the best products.

But still you can consider Emjoi Emagine AP-18 as your choice if you have a price concern. Click here to get reviews on Emjoi Emagine AP-18.

The other consideration would be the Braun Silk Epil 7 Xpressive 7681. It is one of the best facial hair removal epilators on the market.

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