Put Your Tower Fan In The Right Place

A hot and humid summer day can really affect your mood, health, and productivity. A tower fan can provide a cool breeze where it’s needed most. Keep your tower fan in the right place to stay cool at times when the heat is really getting you down. A tower fan produces a vertical sheet of air that can cool you from top to bottom, and it can oscillate to cool a large area. If you do not have a tower fan, you can check out some tower fan reviews to help in your search.

Some benefits of using a tower fan:

  • A tower fan is a compact and affordable appliance that can keep you cool.
  • It consumes very little power as compared to an air conditioner.
  • It has a tiny footprint and takes up very little floor space in a room.
  • Several tower fans include air filters, and some include ionizers.
  • A tower fan can clean the air in your room while it’s keeping you cool.
  • This may be exactly what you need if you have an allergy.

Things to consider while looking for a place to keep your tower fan:

A tower fan can supplement a ceiling fan

Even if you have a ceiling fan, you may not get uniform cooling across all parts of your room. A tower fan can a big help if your ceiling fan is installed in the center of your room and some parts of the room are not being cooled adequately. You can use a tower fan to direct cool air to an area that’s relatively hot and uncomfortable, like a bed, desk or table in a corner.

A tower fan can supplement an air conditioner or evaporative cooler

You can use a tower fan along with an air conditioner or swamp cooler to circulate and direct air to areas that are not being cooled adequately. If your table or bed is in a corner of the room, the cool air may not reach it, and you may be left feeling hot and sweaty. A tower fan can solve this problem by directing a stream of cooling air where it’s needed most.

Identify the areas where cooling is needed

Identify the areas of your room that require cooling to ensure that you can rest, sleep or work comfortably. This could be a bed, table or work area. See if you are comfortable while you are in these areas and if additional cooling is needed on hot and humid days. If you want to use a tower fan to cool the area, think about where you will keep it.

Pick the right spot for your tower fan

A tower fan can be positioned in a corner, where it will be safe and is unlikely to be knocked over by a person or pet. It’s risky to position it in an aisle or next to a door that’s used by lots of people because it’s likely to be knocked down frequently. Extra caution is needed if there are kids and pets in the house.

Consider the availability of a power point

Look for a place with a power point nearby, to which the fan can be connected. Power cords trailing across high-traffic areas of the room are likely to trip people and pets up. If there are few power points in your room, your options for positioning your tower fan may be limited to spots from where it can be connected to a power point.

Remove obstacles that impede air flow

See if a clear path is available from the fan to your bed or work table, so the cool breeze to can reach you unimpeded. If there are obstacles like bookshelves, lamps, indoor plants and chairs between the tower fan and your bed or work table, consider moving them or position your tower fan elsewhere.

Consider your tower fan’s angle of oscillation

Think about the area that you want to cool while positioning your tower fan. Most tower fans are capable of oscillating a minimum of 90 degrees. Some of them are even capable of oscillating 180 degrees. Look for a spot from where your tower fan can cover the entire area you want to cool.

Do you need to use two tower fans?

If you have a large room and want to keep different parts of it cool, you may need to use two tower fans. You can position them appropriately to ensure that key areas will be cooled adequately. Two tower fans placed at opposite corners of the room can be set to oscillate to cover the entire area.

You can also cool your room by keeping one tower fan facing the window to blow hot air out and the second one close to the door to blow cool air in. However, this will only work if the external temperature is lower than the internal temperature.

Try out different positions

You can pick a tower fan with a remote control and try using it at different places to see if it keeps you cool. You can use the remote control to turn it on and off and to change the settings according to your preferences without having to get up each time.

A little experimentation will help you to find the sweet spot from where your tower fan provides the highest level of cooling. Once you’ve found the ideal position for your tower fan, you will be able to keep cool on hot, sticky summer days and nights.


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