Easy Food Processor Recipes

If you have a food processor in your kitchen, you are a very lucky person. There are so many exciting ways in which you can use it. It is called the workhorse of a kitchen and rightly so. It makes all the tedious jobs like chopping vegetables, grating cheese and kneading dough so much easier […]

What exactly is a Food Processor

Although we’re often used to seeing processed food as a less desirable version of the original ingredients, the rule does not apply to the work done by the food processor. This smart, versatile kitchen addition can be a vital resource in creating fresh, healthy meals at home. Buying one is the first step towards breaking […]

Blender vs Food Processor

The experience, versatile cook will probably find a reason to have both a blender and a food processor in their kitchen. But for the home cook in a hurry, it’s important to know which one to reach for when the pressure is on. They are similar, but they are not the same. A difference in […]

Best Food Processor For Baby Food 2018

Having a baby means spending a lot of hours on daily basis in preparing healthy homemade food for your baby. This can be a tiresome process especially if you have more than one baby or if you are a working mom and don’t have someone to help you in the preparation of the food. By […]