Best Bassinet Reviews & Buying Guide

A baby is a precious gift, so will you really just settle for any baby bedside sleeper? Look at it this way, choosing the best infant bassinet requires doing your homework, but it is work that is well worth completing. The following information is designed to help you sort through all the wonderful products on the market and select the best bassinet for your little bundle of joy.

Sleep is one of the most important life activities, especially for a newborn baby. Don’t trust just any bed, instead purchase the best bedside bassinet. Not only will your baby rest more soundly, you will as well.

Gathering information from reliable resources is key to making the right decision. This bassinet buying guide compiles not only information from manufacturers and independent resources, but also from bassinet reviews written by new parents just like you.

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Top 10 Bassinet Reviews

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

Considering all the options when seeking the best newborn bassinet, this Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet by Summer Infant, must be atop the list.

A bassinet constructed of durable espresso stained hardwood, lined with embroidered quilting, and that features 4 melodies, 2 nature sounds, a womb sound, accompanied by soothing vibrations makes a wonderful bed for any baby from birth up to 15 lbs.

Additional aspects to consider are the large storage basket and adjustable canopy, allowing new parents to shelter baby from light and sounds as they are lulled to sleep.

The Classic Comfort bassinet comes with a washable, fitted sheet as well as a twenty minute timer for music and motion, which requires 3AA batteries which are not included. This is the best bassinet designed with the Fox and Friends pattern, there are many complimentary furnishings in this same pattern, sold separately.

Babybjorn Cradle

Babybjorn Cradle

The best cradle designed for newborns up until 6 months, the Babybjorn is comfortable and compact with a soothing, rocking motion that can lull even the fussiest baby into a deep, restful state.

Designed with a spring suspension, similar to that of a stroller, the Babybjorn Cradle rocks gently in all directions without getting stuck in one distinct pattern. Individual bassinet reviews favor the Babybjorn Cradle.

Although not included, there is a canopy that is specifically designed to fit this cradle and a fitted sheet that may be purchased separately. The lightweight design allows for easy mobility.

Consequently, there are no bars or loose parts that might create a hazard to babies and the sides are lined so no additional padding or bumper is needed. The Babybjorn sits low to the ground and is constructed of a sheer mesh fabric which allows for superior supervision of the baby from all angles.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc

Arm's Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc

A preferred alternative to sharing a bed, the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is one of the safest bassinet allowing parents to keep baby next to them without risk of rolling over onto them.

The Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet offers four mesh sides and features two wheels allowing for easy transport from one location to another. The Curved Mini Co-Sleeper is uniquely designed for easy nighttime feedings, nursing, and is ideal for new mothers recovering from C-sections.

The Co-Sleeper attaches to the parents’ bed, allowing mother or father to reach over and draw baby close for bonding and is designed for use up until 5 months. The height is 24″ which is designed to coincide with the standard adult mattress height.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet, Premiere Series

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet, Premiere Series

Uniquely designed to rotate and swivel 360 degrees, the HALO Bassinest features a sidewall that may be locked, but is easily lowered for the convenience of accessing baby from the parents’ bed. Dissimilar to other models, this bassinet’s rotation makes getting in and out of bed a snap and is ideal for nursing mothers or those who are recovering from a difficult delivery.

The HALO has several attractive features including the adjustable height from 22″ to 34″ for flexibility and the unique design which requires only 32″ clearance from the wall, making this model one of the best rated bassinets for small spaces.

Bonus features include 3 soothing sounds and 3 lullabies, two levels of vibration, a nightlight, a nursing timer, and a 30 minute auto shut off. Fitted sheet is included. Bassinet features 2 storage pockets and requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Arm's Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper is one of the best co sleeper bassinet products on the market affording parents the convenience of having baby nearby without having to be concerned for the safety of bed sharing.

The Cambria features wheels for easy transport from one location to another adorned with beautifully curved wooden ends and is one of the more affordable bassinets.

Several models offer mesh lining for improved breathability, additionally allowing parents improved visibility of baby. As with all co-sleepers, the Cambria Co-Sleeper allows parents to keep baby close and safe the entire night with an innovative design that makes breastfeeding more convenient.

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet is the best bassinet and the ideal solution for any concerned new parent, wanting to keep baby close by for bonding without risking their safety by bed sharing. Ideal for newborns through 5 months of age as with most baby bassinets, bassinet reviews favor this model.

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

Perfect for calming that fussy little one, the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is one of the safest baby bassinets and provides safety and security while still offering a sense of style with a lovely nature inspired leaf print. Sweet Beginnings features a nightlight, music, and gentle vibrations to lull baby into a calm, soothing sleep quickly.

Designed for newborns up to 15 lbs, the Delta Bassinet includes a removable canopy and fitted sheet. The steel framed construction is durable, however lightweight and is designed with locking casters for easy mobility. The polyester fiber padding is machine washable. Includes two large storage baskets for convenient storage of all essentials.

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

BRICA Fold N' Go Travel Bassinet

The Brica Fold n Go Travel Bassinet is durable and sturdy enough to keep baby safe, yet lightweight enough to take everywhere you go. The Fold n Go is constructed of a double locking tubular steel frame with a dual release mechanism for increased safety.

Mesh side panels provide breath ability as well as increased visibility of baby from all angles and is an eco friendly bassinet. Perfect for parents on the go, the BRICA is designed to help baby achieve a comfortable, safe, restful sleep, everywhere they go.

The lightweight design and carry handle make it easy to transport a napping baby from one room to another without disturbing them. The Brica Travel Bassinet is one of the best bassinets for parents on the go and is just as effective around the house as it is on the road.

Chicco Lullago Travel Crib

Chicco Lullago Travel Crib

Quick to set up and tear down, the Chicco Lullago Travel Crib sets up in a snap. The top structure is one solid piece and the legs conveniently snap into place for ease of use, anytime, anywhere.

This travel crib also comes with a carry/storage bag and the brushed mattress pad and mesh sides make it a comfortable, safe place for baby no matter where you go. One of the safest baby beds the LullaGo has slip resistant legs to ensure bassinet stays put.

A stable, lightweight alternative to a typical bassinet, the Lullago Travel Crib is the best bassinet designed to be put up and taken down in under a minute, making it the perfect item to take with baby on the go. The mesh sides allow parents to monitor baby safely from across the room and ensure breath-ability. Reasonably priced, this is a perfect newborn alternative to a full size playard.

Graco Modern Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer

Graco Modern Pack 'N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer

The Graco Pack n Play with Bassinet can changer possess all the bells and whistles any parent could want. Graco makes this model with flowing lines and a modern styling that pulls everything together.

From the electronic sounds and lights to keep baby calm and at ease to the baby basics organizer this is one bassinet that really covers all the bases. Designed with a posture plus changing table and wheels for increased mobility, Graco really offers new moms an all in one baby care center which is a favorite among consumer bassinet reviews.

Designed for comfort on the go, the Graco Modern Pack n Play sets up in under a minute and features a travel bag to make taking it on the road a breeze. This model even features a toy bar to keep baby entertained. Recommended for birth to lbs, new parents love the convenience of this all in one sleep, changing, entertainment center.

Summer Infant by Your Side Sleeper

Summer Infant by Your Side Sleeper

The by Your Side Sleeper comfortably lined with soft fabric, helps provide baby with restful sleep and parents with peace of mind. This model is equipped with a mattress pad and fitted sheet with a sturdy metal frame that folds easily for travel.

The mesh sides help to allow circulating air to reach baby and help prevent the child from overheating with a clear view of baby from all angles.

The Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper measures 32″ x 14.5″ x 11″ and is designed for newborn babies up to 15lbs. This item is also excellent for airplane travel with newborn babies. Check with your airline about restrictions that may apply.

Why Purchase a Bassinet?

Why Purchase a Bassinet?A wide variety of baby bed0s exist for a wide variety of tastes, however, selecting a superior bed for your tiny newborn is definitely one of the biggest decisions a parent will need to make. Selecting the best bassinet for baby can be challenging.

Not only must new parents consider comfort and safety, additionally it is imperative to consider realistic factors such as cost, space, and mobility. This, of course, poses the question as to whether a co-sleeper, portable crib, moses basket, cradle, or typical bassinet is best for baby’s needs.

Misguided parents may think the baby appears so tiny and immobile so there is not a necessity for them to possess their own bed, and decide they can simply rest the baby on their bed or sleep with them. While this may seem quaint, it is simply not advisable.

Research shows that restful sleep is imperative for a developing newborn and that sleeping separately will allow baby to rest soundly. It is also unsafe for a newborn to sleep with heavy blankets and pillows that might inadvertently cause a baby to stop breathing.

Consequently, it extremely important to purchase a bedside bassinet for a newborn to ensure that they rest soundly, develop correctly, and stay safe. There are a variety of different options to choose from, hence, making this option affordable for all new parents.

Bassinet Options

The vast selection of bassinets, co-sleepers, and travel beds may seem a bit overwhelming at first, consequently, it is imperative to understand the features that differentiate these baby beds. Bassinet reviews will aid in the selection of the best bassinet for your newborn from day one, freeing up your time for other more pressing parenting issues.

The following are the different types of newborn beds available with a brief description of each to delineate the different aspects of each. Using this list should aid in the selection of the best bassinet for newborn babies.

1. Bassinets:

Graco Modern Pack 'N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer

Typically constructed of natural materials such as wicker, bassinets tend to be lightweight and portable. Many have wheels and this design allows them to be easily transported from room to room, which is an appealing feature for new parents. Select varieties include sounds, vibrations, and music.

2. Cradles:


Cradles are frequently constructed of wood and consequently are larger and more stationary than bassinets. The majority of cradles feature a rocking or swaying motion. Traditionally cradles were handed down from generation to generation, and while there are some still on the market today, modern parents tend to prefer a more lightweight, portable alternative.

3. Portable and/or Travel Bassinets:

Travel Bassinet

The best travel bassinet is typically designed for babies on the go, travel and portable bassinets are lightweight, compact, and usually fold up into a compact case with carry handles. The best portable baby bassinet is one utilized for travel or for overnight stays with family or friends. Moses baskets typically fall into this category as well and tend to be one of the cheap baby bassinets on the market according to bassinet reviews.

4. Co-Sleepers:

Arm's Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc

Co-sleepers are designed for bonding and convenience. This type of bassinet attaches to parents bed, creating a safe space for baby to sleep nearby to the parents. This option is particularly helpful to nursing moms, those who are ill, and those who are heavy sleepers. Co-sleepers also afford parents the option of putting a divider up to create separateness.

5. Compact-Elegance Baby Beds:

Compact-Elegance Baby Beds

Typically more stationary, these baby beds are more aligned with standard cribs and provide a safe and secure place for baby to rest. This option is more suitable for babies when they outgrow the bassinet.

Factors & Features To Consider When Buying a bassinet

Once it has been decided that you will be purchasing a bassinet for your baby, the next thing will be to narrow down the choices. You are likely wondering what factors and features to consider when making this important decision. When searching for best baby bassinet the following are some of the primary factors to consider.

Intended UseIntended Use: First and foremost you must decide whether you need a bassinet that can travel to a sitter, grandma’s house, or on vacation with you or are you simply in need of a bedside sleeper for baby? This will significantly narrow down the options available to you.

SpaceSpace: If you intend to utilize the bassinet around the house, where and when will you use it? Will it be in the nursery, the master bedroom, or will it need to be mobile for use in several rooms of your home? This will help you not only determine the structure and construct of the bassinet but also the size as well. Selecting one that fits comfortably into the space allotted will help narrow down the choices.

FeaturesFeatures: Several of the bassinets feature music and movement. If your baby is a fussy one, these could be life saving features to have included, however, these features are only available on select models.

InclusionsInclusions: Different bassinets and co-sleepers offer a variety of inclusions. Many times these inclusions will not only save you time but headaches in having to seek out compatible add-ons elsewhere. Specific extras may include mattress pads, bedding, liners, storage baskets, and fitted sheets.

PricePrice: While price should not be a primary determining factor, it is most definitely one to consider, especially if you find yourself in need of more than one bassinet, such as a free standing and a portable/travel, or a co-sleeper. The prices do vary so once it is determined which baby bed is best, shopping around online is the best way to locate the deals.

The factors that are most important to you, will be those that help make one of the top bassinets the best bassinet for you and your baby. Choose wisely, according to your individual needs and of course, baby bassinet reviews.

Bassinet that attaches to bed

Bassinet that attaches to bed

Courtesy of Carrie Nelson

A baby bassinet attaches to bed is typically referred to as a co-sleeper. The co-sleeper offers parents peace of mind while allowing them to sleep alongside baby. It is a superior option to placing baby into the adult bed and allows for convenient nursing.

A bassinet attached to bed is also beneficial for new mothers recovering from a c-section or recuperating after a difficult delivery. Customer reviews indicate the most popular models to be the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet and the Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc.

Bassinet vs Co-sleeper vs Crib

  • Bassinet vs co-sleeper vs cribBassinet: A basket style bed typically constructed of natural materials creating a safe, soothing environment for a newborn baby to slumber. Similar to a crib, however, designed for a newborn, a bassinet provides baby with their own separate sleep space.
  • Co-Sleeper: A newborn bassinet that is designed to attach onto the parents’ bed for the purpose of bonding and the convenience of taking care of baby in the middle of the night. Bed is separate but adjoined to parents bed, usually separated by a collapsible side rail.
  • Crib: Typically used for an older child, most cribs are constructed of wood and are designed to be stationary. Parents’ typically place these in the nursery. Furthermore, while most cribs do offer a newborn insert, a crib is usually constructed for children who are a little larger and more mobile than newborns. Frequently parents move baby into a crib in a separate room when they outgrow the bassinet.

To summarize a co-sleeper is designed for those who want convenience and physical closeness with their newborn. A bassinet is better for parents who prefer to keep the baby nearby, as a bassinet can be moved from room to room even when baby is napping. A bassinet provides baby with their own sleep area, separate from parents which typically will allow parent and child a more restful slumber. A crib is usually suitable for children when they begin to gain mobility, as a crib sets the child deeper into it, ensuring baby stays safe and secure while parents are sleeping.

Best bassinet stroller

Best bassinet stroller

Courtesy of Jennifer Pack

A bassinet stroller is the equivalent of the modern version of a pram or baby carriage. Many of the bassinet strollers are actually considered travel systems, meaning that they offer a variety of travel options for baby to include but not limited to a bassinet, standard stroller seat, infant rear facing car seat, and front facing car seat.

This collaboration can be costly, however, it is also a system that will grow with your child taking them from newborn to infant and beyond until their early childhood years. Comprised of matching components, this set will grow with your child.

A bassinet stroller can be purchased separate from a complete travel system and is perfect for pushing the little one around, especially at nap time. A wonderful way to lull your baby to sleep, a bassinet stroller provides comforting motion while still allowing baby to lay down in a comfortable sleep position.

Some of the most popular models include the 4moms Origami Bassinet in Black and Silver bassinet stroller the best baby boy bassinet stroller and the Kiddy Click ‘n Move 3 Carrycot – Cranberry the perfect baby girl bassinet stroller. In addition, some of the top rated infant travel systems are the Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller System, Wilshire and the Quinny Buzz Xtra Travel System and Bassinet in Black with Diaper Bag.

Bassinet mattress

Bassinet mattress

Courtesy of pelennor

Let’s face it, a good mattress is key to getting a good night’s rest. Therefore, it is equally important to make sure your newborn is comfortable and sleeping on a comfortable mattress as well.

Selecting a mattress that is durable, comfortable, and form fitted to the model bassinet is imperative to ensure that baby gets a sound, restful sleep each and every time while ensuring their safety.

Using an incorrect mattress can create safety hazards as well as an uncomfortable slumber for your little bundle of joy. All these add up to trouble. In order to select the best bassinet mattress, make sure it is compatible to the bassinet you are using it in.

Some of the most popular mattress according to consumer reviews are the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Cradle Pad and the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Bassinet Mattress. Please check for compatibility with your specific bassinet model before purchasing.

Bassinet sheets

Bassinet sheets

Courtesy of Jessica Todd

Bassinet sheets are those sheets designed specifically to fit snugly over your bassinet mattress. It is imperative that the sheet is form fitting, tightly hugging the mattress to reduce the risk of suffocation or entanglement of the infant. Manufacturers recommend that bassinet sheets be the correct fit and that no loose fitting substitutions be made.

Just as with adult sheets there are a variety of options with some organic sheets, and those constructed of flannel or jersey material to make them more plush and soft to the touch.

Babies can be quite sensitive to different materials so it is best to watch and ensure that no reaction occurs when changing to a different type of bedding material or laundry soap.

Two bassinet mattress sheets that seem to be parental favorites include the Sand Gingham Bassinet Sheet and the BabyPrem Baby Moses Bassinet Pack of 2 Fitted Cotton Sheets 30 x 15″ White.

Bassinet safety

Bassinet safety

Courtesy of vmpyr_david

One of the key concerns of all new parents, is newborn safety. In general, bassinets when used properly according to manufacturer guidelines, baby bassinets are completely safe places for newborns to rest.

Specific consumer guidelines warn that bassinets and cradles are subject to less stringent guidelines than full size cribs and therefore, could potentially pose a more significant risk to a newborn.

The JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) places a seal of approval on specific models that have been safety tested and approved by them. The organization recommends purchasing bassinets that have this seal on the packaging.

Several consumer advocacy groups recommend avoiding cradles and bassinets with rocking and motion to avoid the possibly of baby becoming inadvertently rolled up against the side and potentially suffocating, although bassinet motion is not typically enough to flip or roll the baby over.

It is also recommended that consumers only use compatible products with their bassinet, to include but not limited to fitted mattress, mattress pad, and mattress sheet. Also, all loose bedding should be removed from bassinet while baby is resting.

Bassinets should be carefully placed in a safe location away from the main flow of traffic. Furthermore, animals and other small children should be kept away from bassinet while baby is asleep to prevent accidental tipping or knocking over of the sleeping baby. In busy households, where potential hazards abound, parents should consider sturdier options such as a crib to help ensure baby a safe and restful slumber.

Consumer reports also advises against the use of bedside sleepers and Moses baskets due to the fact that there are no safety guidelines imposed on these baby bedding options, leaving a plethora of wiggle room for potential safety issues.

Moses baskets also tend to possess a heavier, quilted lining which some feel is an increase suffocation hazard for baby. On the flip side, it is still believed that bedside sleepers are a safer alternative to sleeping with baby as there is significantly less opportunity for accidental parental smothering by inadvertently rolling onto baby whilst sleeping.

Tips on choosing the best bassinet

Tips on choosing the best bassinet

The first months of life can be the most difficult. As parents, we always wish to do what is best for baby and yet, somehow, we always tread concerned into the uncharted waters. It is for this reason that there are so many tips to help first time parents figure out the basics. The following are some helpful tips to finding the best bassinet:

  • 1. Safety, safety, safety:

Tips on choosing the best bassinetKeeping baby safe is atop the list and rightfully so. Whilst wanting baby to get a restful night’s sleep, parents also need to be able to rest themselves knowing that baby will sleep through the night safely and awaken happy and well rested. Therefore, it is imperative to consider placement of the bassinet.

Babies sleeping nearby parents can be more closely monitored as they sleep. Selecting a bedding product based on consumer reviews, Consumer Reports, and one that has the JPMA safety seal are all factors contributing to parental peace of mind.

Other safety factors can include removal of any strings, bows, toys, extraneous bedding, and anything hanging overhead that could potentially fall into the bassinet. Positioning baby on their back, furthermore, can contribute to reducing the risk of suffocation while sleeping.

  • 2. Space:

Selecting the right bassinet, means selecting one that fits comfortably in the space you have allotted for it. Purchasing a larger bassinet and consequently placing it in a high traffic area, creates a potential for accidental jostling or even tipping of the bassinet. Due to the lightweight nature of standard bassinets, individuals must consider carefully where they are placed to avoid any accidental injuries.

  • 3. Reviews:

Shopping around for the best bassinet can be challenging, however, it is imperative that you read independent consumer bassinet reviews. These reviews will give you an insider look at the products and the features as seen by first time parents like yourself.

Having this type of introspection can save you time, money and energy. After all, it can be extremely helpful to realize the pluses and minuses of a product before purchasing it. Consumer reviews provide you with just that.

  • 4. Shop Around:

Tips on choosing the best bassinetDon’t just settle for the first bassinet that comes your way, do your homework and shop around. Online you can easily compare products, prices, and features.

Websites such as Amazon also offer customers the opportunity to rate products with stars, providing potential shoppers like yourself a unique opportunity to get a quick reference point for each product.

  • 5. Appearance:

Looks should be low on the list, but definitely pick a product that you find appealing, after all, it will likely be in your master suite for the next few months. If you really despise the look of the bassinet you choose this could be frustrating.

  • 6. Flexibility:

Understanding your needs is key to selecting the best bassinet. While bassinet reviews can help, it is important to get a baby bed that meets any portability and travel needs you may have. Since these are typically only newborn beds in use for a few months, selecting one that meets all your needs across the board, can be extremely helpful in providing you with a superior bassinet experience.

  • 7. Durability:

Selecting a bassinet that is durable will help ensure safety for your baby and ultimately peace of mind for yourself. A sturdy, well constructed co-sleeper, for instance is one of the best bassinet products for individuals wanting to sleep with baby.

A co-sleeper creates a buffer for accidental smothering of baby by a parents accidental rolling over while sleeping. Bassinet reviews show that a well constructed co-sleeper is a necessity to allow bonding while incorporating safety for baby. Sturdy construction is everything in creating a secure slumber environment for baby.

Where to buy a bassinet?

Local retailers, shopping malls, and baby supply warehouses carry a variety of bassinets for sale, including accessories as well as other baby essentials. Purchasing an item, such as a bassinet utilizing this method may require a huge amount of leg-work and time, especially if you are looking to compare items and attain the best deal.

Online retailers such as manufacturers and Amazon, usually offer substantial discounts and offer many of the same bassinets for sale. As a matter of fact, online retailers usually offer a more complete selection and this may be the way to locate the best cheap bassinet.

Plus, if you buy bassinet products on a website, many times they will ship it to you free. Delivery directly to your doorstep can save a great deal of time, furthermore, online shopping allows for simple comparison of both features and prices from different merchants. Online you will likely find the best cheap bassinet for less than your local retail shops.

The Time To Act Is Now

The Time To Act Is NowNow that you have gathered a plethora of information about the top rated bassinets, the time to act is now. Understanding the variety of models to choose from, has likely pointed you into one direction or another for purchasing the ideal baby bed for your newborn. Comfort, style, and portability are just some of the factors to consider.

Likely you have narrowed it down to a specific model or two based on the information contained above. The time to act is now. Place your order today and the perfect bassinet will be on your doorstep in a matter of days.

Every newborn deserves to sleep comfortably at home or on the go and a superior bassinet will aid in keeping them safe and secure as they rest peacefully as only newborns do.