Classic Waffles and Key Classic Waffle Maker Design Features

Classic waffles tend to get a bad rap. Not only are they stereotyped as a breakfast only type food but they also are deemed not to be as worthy as their thicker and fluffier cousins the Belgian Waffle. It’s time for the stereotypes to be removed because there is no bad time to have a crispy, thoroughly delicious classic waffle. They can be a great lunch alternative and an easy to make dinner too. All you need is a good classic waffle batter recipe and your own classic waffle maker at home to enjoy them anytime.

You know not everybody likes their waffles fluffy and light on the inside like a Belgian waffle. A good, crispy classic waffle will absorb all the syrup you pour on it and soften up nicely on its own. You may be wondering how a classic waffle comes out crispy and baked so thoroughly each and every time? The secret is in the ingredients of the batter you use and having the proper classic waffle maker too.

Classic Waffle Batter

Why are classic waffles thin and crispy unlike fluffy and light on the inside Belgian waffles? The answer to that is in the batter ingredients. True Belgian waffles are made with yeast or beaten egg white; that is what makes them light and fluffy on the inside. They bake more like a cake or piece of bread. Classic waffles have a large amount of baking soda in them, so they tend to bake all the way through like a cookie. That is why they are so crispy even in the middle.

Here are the ingredients in a popular classic waffle batter mix:

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups warm milk
  • 1/3 cup butter, melted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

If you look at the ingredients, you will notice a whopping 4 teaspoons of baking powder is called for when making a classic waffle mix. Some recipes call for even more. A typical Belgian waffle batter mix will have less than 2 teaspoons of baking powder in it. You will also notice that the eggs are added whole for classic waffle recipes, whereas in Belgian waffles the egg yolks are separated from the egg whites and then are whipped and added later.

Even if you baked classic waffle batter in a Belgian waffle maker, they would still come out crispy all the way through, not lite and fluffy in the middle like a true Belgian waffle. So the individual batter ingredients play a huge role in the finished texture and taste of classic waffles.

Classic Waffle Maker

So now you know the truth. If you want to make true classic waffles, you will need to purchase a classic waffle maker to use at home. These can be purchased for as little as $18 or as much as $280. It all depends on how particular you are about making consistent classic waffles and how much variety you like being able to control your classic waffle maker settings.

Here are some key features that many quality classic waffle makers have:
• Temp settings
Proper temperature is critical when making classic waffles. For them to bake thoroughly, you have to have high heat. Not all waffle batters cook the same so it’s nice to have a waffle maker where you can adjust the individual temperature setting.
• Indicator lights
Most classic waffle makers have at least two indicator lights built into the unit. The higher quality models may have as many as three. Here is what the most typical indicator lights represent.

– Power on: pretty self-explanatory
– Preheating done: the unit is at the proper temperature to pour the batter
– Ready: Your waffle is ready to take out and eat

• Shallow cooking grids
Since classic waffles need to be cooked all the way through they will normally have very shallow cooking grids; less than ¾ of an inch in many cases. The grid pattern will still leave pockets in each classic waffle you make and also help make the individual waffles easy to separate.
• Overspill channels
There are few substances in a kitchen that are harder to clean than dried pancake batter. An overspill channel catches the batter that is too much for the cooking grids to handle. Normally these will cook the batter, so it just wipes right off the waffle maker non-stick surface.
• Non-stick surface
It was already mentioned how tough waffle batter is to clean up. A good non-stick surface is the hallmark of any worthwhile classic waffle maker. It will help you get your waffles out in one piece and make clean up super simple.
• Waffle shape
Classic waffle makers usually bake waffles in one of two different shapes. Despite the shape, they will still be crispy and cooked all the way through.

– Traditional square
– Round

• Fold up for storage
Years ago the worst thing about waffle makers was all the room that they took up when you went to put them away; all that has dramatically changed nowadays with new and improved classic waffle maker designs that fold upright. Today’s waffle makers store easily and don’t take up so much cabinet space while being stored.
• Built in Timers
There is nothing more tedious than having to set a stand-alone timer or your watch, so you know when to check your waffles to see if they are done. Some of the better quality classic waffle makers will have timers built right into them. This is a very nice feature when making delicious classic waffles.

Say Goodbye to the Classic waffle Stereotype

Now that you know more about classic waffles and how they are made don’t be afraid to try them at other times of day besides breakfast. Pick up some batter mix and a quality classic waffle maker and you can enjoy a mouthwatering classic waffle whenever you want.