Ceiling fans truly make a great addition to any room they are placed in. They will help heat and cool any room, and they generally look good while doing it too. Advances in technology have also made them quiet and energy efficient. The problem is these fans run so often it is inevitable that they get dirty and need to be cleaned from time to time. That can be a problem with something that is mounted so high. Here are some helpful tips on how to clean your ceiling fans.


Many people wonder how something that constantly circulates like a ceiling fan can get dust built up on it. The reason for that is because when the fan blades rotate over time, they start to build up a static charge. That static charge is what causes all sorts of dust and debris to stick to them. If too much dust builds up on them, it can throw off their balance, and that will eventually hurt your ceiling fans performance

That is why most manufacturers recommend that you clean your ceiling fan blades at least once every other month.


Many people think that cleaning ceiling fans is a long and drawn out process that requires fancy telescoping cleaning tools. In most instances that simply is not the case. Here is a simple and effective way to clean your ceiling fans.

  • Step 1: get an old pillowcase, a rag, and an old sheet. Also in a spray bottle mix 2 heaping tablespoons of white distilled vinegar into 12 ounces of water. You will need a sturdy stepladder too. Make sure the ceiling fan you are about to clean is turned off including any timers that may be set for it.
  • Step 2: Lay the old sheet out as a drop cloth under the ceiling fan you are about to clean. Set up the step ladder so you can climb up and be slightly to one side of the main fan body.
  • Step 3: Put the rag in your back pocket and also grab the cleaning solution you mixed and the old pillowcase. Climb up the ladder until your shoulders are just slightly below the fan blades.
  • Step 4: Lightly spray the fan blades with the cleaning solution. Be careful not to get any of it in the motor body of the fan. Take the pillowcase and slide the open end over each fan blade and slide it along them until they are all clean. The pillowcase will act as a cleaning cloth and a dust catcher if you do it properly.
  • Step 5: Spray a very small amount of cleaning solution on your rag and gently wipe away any dust on the rest of the fan body. You now should have a dust free ceiling fan that will be good to go for another few months before it needs another cleaning.

If you are afraid of heights or don’t want to take the time to clean your ceiling fans, you can usually find someone local to do it for you at a fair price.


  • Economically priced

Kichler Lighting 339010NI7 Sterling Manor 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

This is a great priced ceiling fan for all that you get from it. Even though it is inexpensive, it still looks good, performs great and is very simple to operate. You won’t find many better buys in ceiling fans than you get with this model. It means anyone can enjoy the heating and cooling benefits that a ceiling fan offers any room they are installed in.

It is a good looking ceiling fan thanks to its stylish brushed nickel finish combined with either the cherry or walnut colored fan blades that come with it. You can run it on your choice of three different fan speeds, and each of these is reversible too. It comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer, and you can also purchase an optional light kit that installs on this model ceiling fan too.

  • Looks and performance at a fair price

Hunter Fan Company 53175 Banyan 52-Inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Five Dark Walnut/Medium Walnut Blades and a Light Kit

This is a really nice model ceiling fan that has some incredible features for a model that is not considered expensive at all. It combines powerful performance, quiet operation and uncommonly good looks for a ceiling fan. Anybody that purchases this model ceiling fan will be extremely happy they did.

High performance is what this fan is all about. It can easily circulate the air in any normal sized room. This model also looks great with its brushed nickel and wood finish. It is one of the quietest operating ceiling fans you will ever come across. Combine all this with a generous warranty period and an optional light kit, and you have a great ceiling fan product here.

  • Higher End and stylish

Kichler 300117BSS Canfield 52IN 5-Blade Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Here is a great ceiling fan from the reputable manufacturer Kichler that performs great and features a bold, sophisticated look. It would be a welcome addition to just about any room in your home. It is an indoor use only ceiling fan that can be installed in a variety of different ways

The brushed stainless steel look it has is unique to say the least. It will make this fan the centerpiece of any room it is installed in. It features three forward speeds and one reverse speed, and it is ultra-quiet when operating. Clearly, Kichler put a lot of thought into the design of this ceiling fan.

This ceiling fan is an energy compliant device that uses less energy than most ceiling fans its size. It can be operated by remote control (not included) and even has an optional light kit for it that can be purchased separately. The manufacturer also provides a generous warranty period for this product.


There are many different types of ceiling fans in the marketplace to choose from. They are great at helping to keep your rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you are buying a new model get one that fits your budget, looks good and operates efficiently. Once you make your purchase don’t forget to clean it once every few months to keep it in top working condition.

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