Hunter Ceiling Fan 53090 Builder Deluxe

This is a superb ceiling fan that is carefully designed and diligently manufactured by the reputable Hunter Company. It is undoubtedly a product made from the finest materials, has a stylish design and is put together by unparalleled workmanship. This is truly a quality product which offers optimum performance in service. The Hunter Brand Ceiling Fan 53090 Builder Deluxe is the perfect fusion of craftsmanship in the 19th century and technological design of the 21st century.

Detailed Review of Features

This amazing ceiling fan from the Hunter Brand has some unique features that are bound to pique the interest of homeowners. The notable ones include the following:

  • Aesthetics – This ceiling fan has a gorgeous Nickel finish which is designer brushed. It is also equipped with reversible blades that can either be stained oak or Brazilian cherry. These give the ceiling an aesthetic appeal that deserves recognition.
  • Performance – The performance of this ceiling fan is unmatched in the current air-conditioning market. This is because it can effectively be used in rooms with large areas i.e. up to a maximum of 400 square feet. It achieves this via an airflow velocity of 5110 CFM. A ceiling fan the size of the Hunter Brand Ceiling Fan 53090 Builder Deluxe that can comfortably serve such a large area is next to impossible to find in the market.
  • Quiet operation – It is designed to use a highly efficient 3-speed motor that outputs quiet power. The appropriate description of the operational sound it produces is whisper wind. In any case, the motor type is also WhisperWind motor. This is unlike the traditional ceiling fans that were a noise nuisance in the spaces they were installed.
  • Simple installation – The ceiling fan is quite easy to install and therefore eliminates the cost that would have been incurred to hire a skilled technician. The installation process can simply be undertaken as a DIY project due to its simplicity and the lack of risk involved in the process.

Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades and White Cased Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, Brushed Nickel

  • Versatility – It is versatile in the sense that it has several positions through which it can be properly mounted to ceilings, three mounting options to be precise. The mounting options that the Hunter Brand Ceiling Fan 53090 Builder Deluxe offers are angled mounting, standard mounting and flush mounting.
  • Efficiency – In a world that has become financially demanding in every sense of the word, this ceiling fan is the ideal product to purchase. This is because it saves up to 47% of the cooling costs in a home. This is beneficial as every dime that is saved in such tough economic times counts for something.
  • Ultra-modern lighting – This ceiling fan offers an opportunity to the owner of enjoying urbane lighting in their homes courtesy of its glass bowl light that is white cased. This is a mounting option that comes with the ceiling fan.
  • Weight – This product is light in weight with 20.8 pounds. This facilitates its portability if need be.
  • Size – The product measures 13.1 x 25.2 x 9.1 inches. This is a convenient size that can easily be stored as it does not require much space.
  • Power source – The ceiling fan uses electric energy, a feature that completely eliminates the need to replace batteries every other day.
  • Plug profile – The ceiling has a downrod style of plug profile and is therefore sold with a single 3-inch downrod for this purpose.
  • Manufacturing material – This product is manufactured using highly durable metallic material that guarantees longevity in service life.
  • Warranty – The manufacturer offers a lifetime limited warranty provision for the fan motor and one year limited warranty on its parts that exclusive of the motor i.e. light bulbs. This indicates the confidence the manufacturer has on the product in terms of durability.


The Hunter Brand Ceiling Fan 53090 Builder Deluxe has an array of advantages. The main ones include the following:

  • It includes a balance kit that serves to eliminate wobble during operation.
  • The bulbs installed with the fans do not flicker at all unlike other ceiling fans that are available in the market.
  • The ceiling fan works well with CFL bulbs.
  • The ceiling fan is very attractive and is a sure way of sprucing up the look and ambiance of a room.


This Hunter Brand ceiling fan clearly shows the high quality of the product and its impressive performance. It is readily available for purchase on at an affordable price. It really is one of the best ceiling fans you can purchase for the money.

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