Tower fans have really taken over the room fan market from the old electric fans that are seen in so many homes. That only makes sense since tower fans can do so much more than regular electric fans. They help to filter the air that passes through them and some of them even have properties that can treat that air too. Like any other fan, they will also build up dust and dirt inside them as they operate. This can be a big problem if that dust and dirt are allowed to build up too much. To prevent that here is how to clean a tower fan.

To start with we are not going to teach you how to take a tower fan completely apart and clean it. That is not a job for just anyone, and you should leave that to the professionals. With that being said, there are a few things you can clean yourself that will definitely help keep the air that passes through it cleaner and extend the life of your tower fan.


When you clean a tower fan yourself, there are two main areas that you need to concentrate. The outside of the tower fan where the grate openings are that allow air to go in and out of the unit and the air filter inside the tower fan itself.

“Always make sure the tower fan is unplugged before attempting to clean it.”

  • Cleaning the outside of the tower fan

To start with disregard what people say about using compressed air. If you are not taking the tower fan completely apart than you may do more harm than good. Compressed air may blow dust further into the unit if you are just cleaning it from the outside.

All you need to do is take a vacuum cleaner or wet/dry vac and gently go around the outside of the tower fan and suck up any dust that has accumulated in large amounts. Pay close attention to the grate areas where the air goes in and out of the unit. After that just wipe down the entire tower fan with a solution of water and very light dishwashing soap.

  • Cleaning the air filter

Somewhere on your tower fan, you will have access to your air filter. It will either be a door, screwed on hatch, or an opening where the filter just slides out. You need to take out the air filter. Once out you can use the wet/dry vac on exhaust to blow the dirt out of it or just run water over it until all the dust and dirt is off it. Next, reinstall the filter back in the place in the unit where you took it out from.

If you see any areas of heavy dirt buildup inside your tower fan, then take it to a professional to have it cleaned.


Here are some really good model tower fans that will make a great buy if you don’t already own one:

  • Budget priced – Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

This is a budget priced tower fan, but it still does a lot of good things when it is placed in a room. It works best in rooms such as bedrooms that are smaller in size. It has such outstanding features as variable fan speed settings, oscillation and lighted digital controls. The filter on it is easy to clean, and the unit is so lightweight it is very easy to move around. It also runs amazingly quiet for such a small tower fan.
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  • Good Quality – Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

As its name implies, you don’t get much quieter running tower fans than this model from Honeywell. There is also a lot more to like about it than how quiet it is too. It all starts with the stylish looks of this tower fan and how easy it is to operate it. It features eight-speed settings which are all operated by light touch electric controls, and it also has oscillation and breeze modes built right into it too. Its 40 inches tall but its sleek profile allows it to blend in almost unseen in any room. The filter on this model tower fan is also very easy to remove and clean.
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  • Top of the line – Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

This magnificent tower fan takes then technology used in them to a whole new level. The best feature it has is its fan blades rotate in such a way they have noise canceling properties. There are 3 fans located inside the unit too, and they all operate independently. It also features three preprogrammed airflow settings, and these are encased in a shell that is amazingly less than three inches thick. That is incredibly thin for a tower fan that works this well. It is also designed with features built into it that make it very simple to clean.
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So if you own a tower fan, you should really consider cleaning it at least once a month and maybe more if it is pollen season or there has been a lot of activity inside your home. Cleaning the unit will go a long way toward keeping the air in the room fresh and extending the life of the tower fan itself.

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