How to Wire a Ceiling Fan

Do you think you have the right skills to install a ceiling fan in your room? Installing a ceiling fan can be categorized into two main functions.

Electrician Installing Ceiling Fan

  • Assembling: screwing blades with motor then attaching it to the downrod, followed by mounting
  • Wiring: connecting wires to the motor

Most of the tasks in the first category are easy, time consuming though, because you can assemble parts with minimal instructions. Almost everyone knows how to assemble and mount a ceiling fan (that’s quite easy). But wiring requires some effort – balancing yourself on the ladder, then handling the tools and using them accurately – only experts can do it quick.

Ceiling fan, with its heavy motor and the metal housing isn’t easy to handle when you’re on the ladder wiring it up. However, manufacturers have made it a little easier for you to avoid this difficulty.

  • There is a built-in hook that’ll hang off the mounting plate.
  • Alternatively, the ceiling junction box may have a wired central screw.

Either of the two gives support to the ceiling fan while you join the wires in the ceiling fan with those hanging out of the junction box.

Before you jump on to the steps, let’s take a look at the items you are going to need for wiring your ceiling fan.

Tools Needed for Wiring a Ceiling Fan

These six essential things are necessary for wiring a ceiling fan:

  1. Ladder
  2. Circuit tester (non-contact)
  3. Slip-joint pliers
  4. Utility knife
  5. Wire stripper
  6. Wire nuts

5 Steps to Wire a Ceiling Fan

Electrician Connecting Wires

Step 1: Turn of The Circuit

  • You need to turn off the breaker that controls the circuit which runs to the ceiling fan.
  • Check and re-check if it is properly shut off with the help of non-contact circuit tester.
  • Put the tester on the ceiling cable and see for the chirps or flashes that indicate that the circuit is live.

Step 2: Connect the Downrod with the motor

  • Pull the wires of the ceiling fan emerging from the motor’s base through the downrod.
  • Threaded end of the downrod should be screwed into the motor housing using hands.
  • Then, slide the canopy over the downrod.

Step 3: Expose the Wires in the Ceiling Cable

  • Using a ladder, reach the ceiling and take the cable wire appearing at the junction box.
  • Use your utility knife to slit 5 to 6 inches of the sheathing.
  • Circle the sheathing base and clip off the sheathing.
  • Unleash the small cables by pulling off the separation paper within the cable that is used to cover them.
  • Cut off one inch of the insulation from each insulated wire gently with the help of wire stripper, so that you may not have to cut the wire.
  • Then you can push off the insulation to expose copper wires.

Step 4: Hook the Motor

  • Take the fan motor and climb up the ladder.
  • Hook the motor and position it sideways temporarily, so that you’ll have access to the wires that are to be connected. The hook will support the motor, allowing you to work with both hands.

Step 5: Connect the Motor Wires With The Ceiling Cable Wires

  • To connect the cable supply with the ceiling fan, join the wires from both with each other by twisting them. Make sure that you know which wires from the cable supply should be connected to the ones in the ceiling fan – black with black and copper wire with copper wire.
  • Then, pinch the paired wires using slip-joint pliers then twist the joint clockwise.
  • After connecting the wires, put the nut on each pairing of the twisted wire to secure them.
  • Then, fold the connected wires back into the ceiling junction box.

Step 6: Join the Ceiling Fan parts

Use manufacturer’s manual for screwing the following;

  • The canopy onto the mounting plate
  • Fan-blades to the fan brackets
  • Fan brackets to the motor

Finally, switch on the circuit.

When you finish wiring a ceiling fan, You should figure out how to balance a ceiling  fan in our step by step guide.

Professional Tip

Modern-day ceiling fans also come with additional light kit. It’s up to you to operate the light and fan-blades separately or together.

To Operate the Fan-Blades and Lights Separately

  • Take a 12-3 cable that has three wires with a ground
  • Run the cable to the ceiling junction box
  • Connect the ground and white wire like you connected the ceiling fan wires
  • Attach the black supply wire to the hot wire of the ceiling fan
  • Connect the light’s hot wire with the red power supply wire

If you want to operate both, the blades and the lights, together, then connect the black wire supply from the junction box with light and fan wires. You are going to need a larger wire nut for that.

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