Hunter Ceiling Fans – Newsome and Dempsey Collections

hunter_builderThere are several reasons to have a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can:

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Cool a room with ease
  • Make a room look great
  • Increases appeal for your house

Those reasons alone make getting a ceiling fan a good idea. What is the best ceiling fan though? Well, it depends on your preference and budget. There are many different styles out there and it can be hard to decide. We will take a detailed look at some of the ceiling fans made by Hunter, one of the most popular brands in the market.

Ceiling Fan Features to Look For

There are some things you will need to know before purchasing a ceiling fan so you can compare.

  • Blade style
  • Sizes
  • Finishes
  • Lighting

Blade styles are the way in which the blades are cut. Most are cut in a traditional shape, while some are tapered and long. Some have intricate patterns for decoration or are the style that the blades are cut in. They can be cut into beautiful patterns, or be cut in a traditional blade shape. Some of the blades are even reversible as well.

Sizes correlate most often to the room. There are bigger sizes for big rooms and smaller sizes for smaller rooms. The biggest mistake you can make is to buy the wrong size fan for either a big room or a small room. It doesn’t make sense to put a big fan in a small room, nor would it make sense to put a small fan in a big room.

The finishes refer to the colors and characteristics of the fan. Some are a dark brown or black, some are pink, red, or almost any color you like. It just depends on what is available. For the Hunter fans we will discuss, they can either come in a brown, a black, a tan, or a white finish.

You also have to think about configuration. Some ceiling fans have no lights and some do. It just depends on what the room needs or not. Most like a light on the ceiling fan because it’s convenient, others, because that may be the only light in the room. The best ceiling fan will have the color, size, and features you want.

Newsome Collection Hunter Ceiling Fan

hunter_newsomeThis fan collection has three sizes to choose from, three color finishes, and three blade finishes. There is also a consistent theme throughout. These fans have whisper quiet motors, so your guests or yourself won’t even know that the fans are on, which is nice. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet while keeping cool, especially in the summer time.

  • The first size is for smaller rooms. There are fans in this collection that have three lights, the other two have one light. There are not too many options within this collection, but enough to be able to make a choice.
  • The second size is for the great rooms. There is a ceiling fan with no light, a couple with just one light, and one with three lights. Again, it depends on the style and the feel you are trying to go for. If the room you’re trying to cool has plenty of light already, there is no reason why your ceiling fan has to have a light too. Unless that’s the kind of look you’re going for.
  • The third size is for outside. This is typically for a covered patio, sunroom, or porch. These aren’t as common, but they look nice for the right application.
  • Fan casing color options include brushed nickel, premier bronze, and fresh white
  • Blade options include reversible blades: medium walnut/dark walnut for the brushed nickel casing, roasted walnut/yellow walnut for the premier bronze casing, and fresh white/light oak for the fresh white casing

Dempsey Collection Hunter Ceiling Fan

hunter_dempseyThis collection is just like the other one in terms of the three sizes offered, but there are some color differences from the last collection we looked at.

  • The ceiling fans feature some kind of wood, with a great finish.
  • Fan casing color options include fresh white or brushed nickel
  • Blade options include reversible blades: fresh white/blonde oak for the fresh white casing and black/chocolate oak for the brushed nickel casing


Whatever fan you choose, be sure that it fits your life, budget, style, and color. The budget and the color might be the most important things, but it also needs to fit the room you’ll be in. As was mentioned before, you don’t want a big fan in a small room, and you don’t want a huge room with a small fan. That would just not be good. Good luck picking out a fan.

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