Lasko Tower Fan Model Comparison

It is becoming apparent that tower fans will continue to capture a bigger share of the electric fan market in the coming years. They offer you so many more benefits when compared to regular electric fans. A tower fan can even filter and purify the air that passes through, and they are much quieter than standard electric fans. There are many reasons to purchase these fans over their more generic competition. One brand tower fan that is gaining much attention in the marketplace is a fan manufacturer called Lasko.

Why do people choose Lasko tower fans? There are several reasons for this. One is they have a reputation as a company that makes small electronics products that last. It gives anyone who buys their small electrical products excellent piece of mind to know that they have a product that will not need to be replaced for a while. Lasko is also known for being a company that has excellent customer service. If you buy one of their tower fans, you can rest assured they’re a company that will stand behind their products and they will promptly answer any questions and concerns you may have about your product purchase.

Common Lasko Tower Fan Features

A Lasko tower fan is superior to other fans because it offers exceptional efficiency and many extra features. The following typical features add to their convenience and value:
• It features an ionizer.
• This lightweight fan is easy to move.
• You can control the airflow as well as the overall noise level.
• It provides full-room coverage because it can oscillate at 90 degrees.
• It helps to save energy.
• It features a remote control that fits into the back on the fan, helping to ensure that it will not get lost.
• The programmable timer helps to save energy.
• Every customer receives a guarantee of satisfaction.
• There is a one-year limited warranty with the purchase. It provides an assurance that problems will be resolved and questions will be answered.
• A downloadable owner’s manual is included for your convenience.
• The many extra features do not make this tower fan difficult to use. There are numerous help options that foster simplicity.

Meeting your needs with style and quality

The Lasko tower fan’s design fits into every environment. These high-quality fans have earned rave reviews from satisfied customers who love the wide variety of styles and colors.

If you need a quieter fan or one that adds a touch of style to a room, you will be pleased to see the many choices. Perhaps you need a small fan for your working space or a small desk fan to cool your work area.

A Lasko Platinum desktop wind tower table fan will allow you to enjoy a cool, refreshing breeze in your work area. You can find the right Lasko tower fan to meet your needs because there are so many styles to choose from.

Typical Lasko Tower Fan Benefits

Beneficial for your health

A tower fan can even be beneficial for your health. If you suffer from allergies, the Lasko tower fan will help to reduce your allergy symptoms by circulating the air and clearing some of the unhealthy particles from the environment.

Relief from heat

The Lasko tower fan provides relief from heat. In the summer, high humidity and heat can make you uncomfortable. The Lasko fan has a proven ability to provide relief by cooling a hot and humid room.

A lower energy bill

The energy-efficient Lasko tower fan can help to reduce your energy bills too. It is an excellent long-term investment that can save money in the long run. It will also reduce your utility bills by allowing you to turn off the air conditioner.

Long lasting

The Lasko tower fan has been designed and crafted with care. It is made from high-quality materials, has a superior design and comes at a great price. This long-lasting product will not let you down and you can use it for years.

Powerful and sturdy

The powerful and sturdy Lasko tower fan has a reputation for reliability and has earned exceptional customer reviews. It can cool large areas with ease and will exceed your expectations in every way.

Saving on your space

This fan is the right choice if you have limited space because it has a space-saving design and can fit into a small space with ease. Expect to be satisfied when you purchase the model that will do the job right and help you to save space.

Enjoy a cool breeze in any room

The Lasko tower fan provides powerful airflow in a room of any size, creating an airy and comfortable environment. This popular tower fan has received great ratings and reviews from numerous customers.

Lasko tower fans offer exceptional convenience and efficiency at an affordable price. A wide range of models is available and there is a perfect tower fan for everyone. You can compare the various models and look for a customized solution that’s just right for your room.

Here are a few tower fan reviews of the best tower fans that Lasko makes:


This 42 inch model tower fan from Lasko does a lot of nice things for you if you own one. It is a great example of all the characteristics that are possible for a very good tower fan to have inside them. This model does a really nice job of not only moving air around the rooms that it’s placed in but it also cleans that air up for you a little as it passes through the device.

What is there to like about this model tower fan? For starters it has a fairly good looking design. It is a tower fan that will definitely not be an eyesore in any room that it is placed in. It has a two-tone heavy duty plastic finish that is polished yet not overbearing and its controls have been subtly inlaid into the top of the unit. It is also very sturdy when it is resting on the floor thanks to its wide base.

It features 3 oscillating speed selections that will nicely circulate the air throughout any room it is placed in. This Lasko tower fan also includes an ionizer to help purify the air of that passes through it. When you factor in that it can be controlled remotely and has a built in timer feature, then you can easily see why this tower fan from Lasko will make an excellent purchase.

Simply put; there is much to like about this very nice 42 inch tall tower fan from Lasko.


This almost 4 foot tall tower fan does a great job of pushing air into all the corners of any room it is placed in. The benefit of a taller tower fan is that it does a better job of circulating the air around an entire room; not just the air at the bottom of the room. That makes this fan is ideal for not only keeping you refreshed but also for spreading around heated or cooled air from your HVAC system as it comes into a room in your home.

Although this model is tall, it’s still thin enough not to stand out where you place it in a room. Even if it’s placed out in the open it still looks great thanks to its polished grey metal/plastic construction. It is designed so that it blends into a room instead of clashing with its surroundings. This model also has a very wide base for stability and the control panel is stylishly inlaid in the top of the unit.

As far as performance goes you will have trouble finding a tower fan that works better than this one. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it has three different and powerful oscillation speeds because they are all very quiet when the unit is running. The controls are very simple to operate and they even light up so you can still see them easily even in a dimly lit room. There is a remote control that comes with this model tower fan also.

You get a whole lot of features with this model tower fan for a very reasonable price. That is why it is one of Lasko’s very best selling tower fans.

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Here is a very tall, yet space saving tower fan from Lasko that has a lot to offer those that purchase it.

It all starts with this tower fans stylish looks. From its grill pattern that is easy on the eyes to its metallic grey finish, everything about this unit is designed to complement the surroundings it is placed in. Even its easy to use control interface is designed with stylish looks in mind.

The best thing about this 48 inch tall tower fan is how well it operates. It features three very brisk oscillating speeds that work very well at circulating air throughout an entire room. It comes complete with an ionizer to help eliminate contaminants in the air and can be set to run on a timer for up to 7 hours. Other features it has are LED lights built into the control unit so you can see the display with no problems at night and it can be controlled using the buttons on the unit itself or by the handy remote control that comes with it.

It also features a wide, round base for stability; yet its space saving design can easily hide it in a corner or off to the side of a piece of furniture. No matter where you place it in a room it is still powerful enough to circulate the air throughout it. It also features a handle so you can move it from place to place easily and it only weighs a lite 17 pounds.


If you’re looking for the best tower fan available, look no further! You can choose from a wide range of Lasko tower fans with different styles and features. If you think all tower fans are the same, think again.

The Lasko tower fan’s good looks and space-saving design make it stand out from ordinary fans. Consumers have posted enthusiastic reviews about the high quality, affordable prices and many useful functions of these fans.

So if you want one of the best tower fans that there is out there in the marketplace, you can never go wrong by purchasing any of the Lasko models in this article. If you are in the market for a tower fan it is always a good idea to consider Lasko brand products when conducting your search.


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