Minka-Aire Concept II – Detailed Review

Mink-Aire is a leading company that offers some of the very best ceiling fans. The company offers electric ceiling fans that are more fashion forward and even energy efficient as compared to the fans from other companies. The Minka-Aire company also provides quality workmanship. All the fans from this company have been engineered for superior performance and to provide maximum comfort even in the large rooms. The ceiling fans can cool your rooms in the summer and even warm it during the winter seasons.

Ceiling_Fan_p4_B001BQC5SMUsing Minka-Aire ceiling fans, you will always have the comfort of saving energy and making a personal style statement. The company has the best ceiling fans for all the tastes. This article discusses the highlights and features of the Minka-Aire F518-WH, Concept II. It also provides information about the advantages of using the products from this company.

Minka-Aire F518-WH, Concept II

The ceiling fan uses a halogen light to add to the modern style. The hanging height of this fan is about 11.5. It uses only 12volts. To control the ceiling fan, you use the Three-speed hand held remote which has full range light dimming and reverse functions.

The Mink-Aire F518, 44 inch Concept II Flush Mount is the best fan for low ceilings with a hanging depth totaling 10-1/2 inches. This is true with the presence or absence of the light. This particular ceiling fan is usually housed in a sleek metal body finished in white with three white blades. The ceiling fan is also available in brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and the polished nickel finishes.

minka_aire_polished_nickelThe three concave silver blades are pitched at an angle of 14 degrees to allow complete air movement. It is made possible by using the blade sweep of 44-inches. The ceiling has an airflow of 4600 CFM which uses 40 watts of electricity. It has 115 CFM airflow efficiency per given watt. This efficiency allows you to save energy.

minka_aire_with_lightThe frosted glass lens shields the optional light of this ceiling fan. The fixture normally uses the included bulb of a 100-watt mini-can. In the ceiling fan box, you will also have the RC212 handheld air control remote system that features a three-speed fan control in forward and reverse. This remote makes the Minka-Aire ceiling fan easy to use year round.

During winter, you will be able to move heat from your ceiling and circulate it throughout the living area with the aid of the reverse switch. In summer, you will be able to save energy by circulating cool air throughout your room.

Minka-Aire Key Features

  • Energy efficient

As compared to other ceiling fans, it is more economical to use the Minka-Aire ceiling fans because they consume little energy while in use.

  • Easy to install

Minka-Aire ceiling fan installation is easy and straight forward. No unusual or complicated steps.

  • Beautiful aesthetics

This concept II model F518 HH fan looks beautiful. Apart from having very clean lines, it also has the latest fashion look. It does not have the typical “old fashion” look as other ceiling fans do.

  • Can be used in all seasons

These ceiling fans can be used during all temperate seasons. The ceiling fans are equally valuable in both summer and winter to circulate air for comfort. Just remember to reverse the direction of your fan for winter use.

  • Quiet operation

As compared to other fans, these ceiling fans do not much noise while functioning. They are quiet and do not have negative effects on your environment.

  • Remote Control

Very handy feature to control the operation of your ceiling fan from the comfort of your couch or chair.

  • Durable halogen lights

The small halogens lights function for a longer duration before needing replacement. They are not typical of the bulbs used in most ceiling fans. They can be replaced when necessary.

  • Long warranty period

Minka-Aire fans also have a solid warranty period. This goes a long way to add to your long-term customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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