Nespresso’s Bluetooth-Enabled Prodigio Espresso Maker Review

How would you like to make your coffee while still lying in bed? Well, if going out of bed and pressing a button is too much for you, this may be the coffee machine of your dreams. With Bluetooth technology, the Nespresso’s Bluetooth-Enabled Prodigio Espresso maker represents this best.

This new coffee machine not only looks highly sophisticated but also has the modern technology to go with it. With the Bluetooth technology easily pairing to your Smartphone, you can guarantee yourself the perfect customized coffee that is easily and quickly made.

nespresso espresso machine

What makes the Nespresso’s Prodigio unique?


Even with the ever-growing market craving for something new, making a cup of coffee is still simple. Many have accustomed to the new age coffee machines. The Nespresso has surely been able to create not just a cup of coffee, but an espresso much easier and with less time. The technology used by this espresso maker can seem simple at first. With it just being Bluetooth, it does help in an advanced way.

You can control the machine from your phone via a downloaded app. Within the app, many customizations allow you to control many different features and aspects. The programming within the app grants you the ability to brew, schedule a specific brewing time, receive maintenance management alerts, and even monitor how many coffee capsules you have left. This truly is the future of coffee, and the easy espresso is a completely hand’s off machine. Simply, any device that uses Bluetooth technology, whether it be a phone or tablet can help control and use the machine’s features, and you don’t even have to stand a short distance near the machine.


Don’t let the simple design trick you; this espresso maker is pretty powerful. Aside from the helpful Bluetooth technology, the design is also highly functional and helpful. So pair both the technology and design and the outcome is very efficient and beneficial. A milk frother is included, which helps to add heated and perfect milk into any beverage you are anticipating for. The design also includes a compartment that holds 14-19 coffee capsules. With the stock warning alert delivered by the compatible app, you never have to worry about running out at an inconvenient time. Directly hinged to the back of the espresso maker is a water tank that is easily removable. Another advantage coming with the design is also lightweight, only weighing six and a half pounds.

Features and specifications

The Nespresso’s Bluetooth-Enabled Prodigio Espresso Maker features all the high standard expected features you expect from any Nespresso coffee machine. It includes an issued warranty lasting one exact year from the date of purchase. Advantageous and beneficial features include both the fast heat up ability only lasting 25 seconds, and the automatic capsule ejection.

Other features of the machine are:• Rotating water tank

  • Maintenance, low water, and capsule stock LED alert.
  • Descaling alert
  • Nespresso 19 bar pressure system

morning cup of coffee

How to care for the Prodigio Espresso Maker

Caring and cleaning for this coffee machine may appear easy, but special care must be provided. Honestly, there is nothing too difficult, but if you wish to keep your machine clean, then different precautions are needed. We all make mistakes, but if you happen to spill coffee or another beverage, then wipe it. Different wet wipes can be used, or a simple paper towel if there is no stain. You should also be sure to change the water often so that bacteria doesn’t start to surface and to keep your beverages still tasting fresh.

Other details

Unsurprisingly, with this high tech machine, there are a lot of beneficial features, but that doesn’t make it complicated to use. Another feature that can help the machine appeal to many is the ability to heat water to your ideal brewing temperature. It helps to ensure that the water is fresh for each beverage made. The 19 bar pressure system allows for the delivery of up to 19 bars of condensed pressure that aids in flavoring.

In summary, this machine offers many benefits. Making your coffee in the comfort of your home is great. The machine has useful features that are easy to use, and its strengths outweigh its weaknesses. So, if you want a machine that allows you to fast make a coffee through Bluetooth connectivity, then buy Prodigio Espresso Maker.


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