Oster 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review

Oster 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker BVST-JBXSS41 is an innovative and high-quality machine for making coffee. Its body is durable, solid, and has attractive stainless steel details. Not every coffee maker has a brewing pause and serve function, but this one has. This function lets you serve your coffee drink without interrupting the brew. Another useful function of this Oster coffee maker is the easily removable filter basket. This makes filling and cleaning very easy.

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With this coffee machine, you don’t have to shut it off every time you finish brewing because it has a modern function of 2-hour auto shut-off. Adjustable aroma feature gives you an opportunity to choose the perfect level of aroma for you. Every morning you can enjoy a cup of coffee with an amazing aroma. The Oster programmable coffee maker has a 1-year warranty, which guarantees good durability and quality of the product.

Oster Control Panel

The coffee maker’s control panel is very comfortable and easy in use. The control panel has 4 buttons. With the first one, you can turn on or turn off the machine, with the second button you can regulate the level of brewing. The third button lets you regulate the time of brewing, and the last one allows to program additional features. The product has dimensions of 14 x 9 x 7 inches.

Oster Water Fill

The Oster coffee maker allows you to pour water inside without spilling. Filling the water into the container in the back might be complicated with the last bit of water. It tends to become the grounds part and soak down onto the heating element. Its most irritating feature is that you can’t turn the warming cap back on to keep coffee hot. There is no way to keep the coffee in a hot state without running a new round of coffee. And the timer can’t be set going back, so you have to push the button down many times. The time delay brew feature is very helpful. The permanent filter is simple to clean.

With the help of the Oster coffee maker, it is possible to brew any kind of coffee, and it will be very tasty and with a pleasant aroma. Espresso has a very strong and rich aroma and attractive color, and cappuccino foam has lush and tasty foam. A latte made with the help of this coffee machine also turns out delicious.


– The coffee maker has attractive design
– The coffee machine has many useful features such as pause and serve
– Oster coffee maker has a removable filter basket
– The coffee machine makes tasty coffee drinks with great aroma


– Pouring water into the coffee machine’s container might be complicated
– You can’t keep coffee warm for a long time

Bottom Line

The Oster coffee maker has all of the functions needed to make an excellent cup of coffee. Its brewing pause and serve feature lets you make coffee without stopping the brew, which is made to your liking each time thanks to the adjustable aroma characteristic. Additionally, its attractive design with stainless steel finish is sure to supplement and add an extra dab of elegance to any stylish kitchen.

Check Price and Customer Reviews

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Carl Piporo

Coffee maker will not shut off,starts blinking and have to keep pushing the on/off button until it turns off.Called customer service and they are sending new unit out and providing postage for return of original unit to manufacture. Hope the new one works better as it makes good coffee.

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