There is no doubt about it; ceiling fans make a wonderful addition to any room they are installed in. They are very decorative and do a great job of keeping the air moving around a room, so it does not get stagnate. Many people know all the cooling benefits that a ceiling fan gives you, but that is not all they do. A reversible air-flow ceiling fan can warm your room in the winter too. They help a lot more with heating your home than you might think.

How does a ceiling fan help heat a room? It’s best to answer that by telling you how they cool a room first. In a room, cold air tends to collect toward the floor, and hot air tends to collect by the ceiling. That is why most ceiling fans pull cool air up from the floor and then it gets circulated around the room.

With a reversible ceiling fan, you are doing exactly the opposite. When the fan blades spin the other way, they push air down instead of pulling it upwards. That means the hot air that is up near the ceiling and not helping heat the room will be pushed down and circulated to help warm up the areas where it is needed.

This process will keep any room warmer and help save on home heating bills too. You can also check out these tower fan reviews to help with your overall room circulation solution.


  • BUDGET FRIENDLY – Litex CC42BB4C Celeste Collection 42-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Reversible Oak/Mahogany Blades

Here is a very simply stated but also very affordable ceiling fan. You really get a lot for the money you pay for this product. It will not be an eyesore in any room you install it in thanks to its shiny brass finish and its charming wooden blades. It features a motor that is extremely quiet when operating and the blades turn easily without bouncing or vibrating.

The operation of this unit is really what makes this ceiling fan a great buy. Its motor not only can circulate on several different speeds but it’s also 100% reversible to help you heat up the rooms in your home in the colder months. This ceiling fan even includes a two setting light with it also.

This ceiling fan is only recommended for installation in smaller sized rooms. It comes complete with a 15-year limited warranty and is really an excellent ceiling fan buy.

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  • NICE FOR THE PRICE – Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series Ceiling Fans, Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

We consider this model ceiling fan to be a very nice buy because it is fairly priced, looks great and operates super efficiently. You really get a lot from this model ceiling fan. It is an indoor style fan that will do a great job of helping you heat and cool any medium sized or smaller room in your house.

All of us agree that the oil-rubbed bronze finish on this light makes it look fantastic. It is good looking enough to put in any type of room in your home. It can be further accented by purchasing your choice of dark cherry or medium oak fan blades with it.

Let’s not forget how great this model ceiling fan works too. You can choose any one of 5 different speed settings that this unit will run on. Each of these fan settings is fully reversible too. This model ceiling fan also includes a light fixture if you choose to install it and it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the fan motor.

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  • STYLISH AND SOPHISTICATED – Minka-Aire F696-KA, Kafe-XL, 60″ Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, KCocoa

Minka-Aire is a name that is associated with high quality and high functioning ceiling fans, and this model is no exception. It will make a decorative and efficient addition to any room in your home it is placed in. This is a special ceiling fan, to say the least.

It all starts with this model ceiling fans excellent looks. The dark metal look of its body is described as Kokoa by the manufacturer, and its looks are further enhanced by the dark wooden blades that come with it. You won’t find many ceiling fans that look this good once installed.

The only thing better than the way this ceiling fan looks is the way it operates. It features three reversible speeds that can be remotely operated by the separate control that comes with it. The blades on it are set to an ideal 14-degree pitch, and the fan unit itself can be mounted on the ceiling in one of several different ways.

It also includes an excellent manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, and an optional light kit can be purchased for it too.

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So now you know that reversible ceiling fans help as much with heating a room as they do with cooling it too. That is why they make a great addition to any room you want to place them in. You simply get a lot of benefits from a reversible ceiling fan, and they will save you money on your heating and cooling bills in the long run also. They are a great item to consider installing in any room that you are having trouble keeping warm in the colder months.


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