Things To Consider When Shopping For A Tower Fan

It isn’t easy to choose a tower fan because of the huge variety of models that are currently available. It’s best to consider your needs and how much you’re willing so spend before you decide on which tower fan is right for you. Some of the things to consider while shopping for a tower fan are mentioned here:

What’s the size of your room?

Consider the size of your room and choose a tower fan of the right size. If you have a large room, look for a fan that’s powerful enough to cool it. Most tower fans have the capacity to oscillate, and this allows them to cool larger spaces. If you have a small room, you may need a small unit that does not take up too much space.

Check the noise level

A powerful tower fan that can move a lot of air will keep your room cool, but it may also be noisy. Look for a quiet model that does not disturb you while you are working, studying or resting. A ceiling fan may be a better option if limiting noise is a priority. Bear in mind that a certain level of white noise may even help you to sleep. You can test the fan and read online reviews to check the noise level.

How much are you willing to spend?

Your budget is an important consideration while choosing a tower fan. If you have a tight budget, pick a simple, affordable model that can keep you cool. If you are prepared to spend more, you can consider high-end models with more functions like different levels of oscillation, remote access, auto shut-off, programming, humidification and air purification.

Have you considered safety?

If you plan to use the tower fan for long periods, look for one that will not overheat.
If you have kids, look for a model with soft blades and a fine grill in which their fingers will not fit. A tower fan that’s more stable will not tip over easily if a pet collides with it. If there are young people in the house, get a tower fan with a timer.

Does the tower fan have an attractive design?

Look for a fan that will complement the style and décor of your room. The color of the fan needs to go with the prominent color scheme of your room. It should blend in and add to the looks of your room. If you are not happy with the looks of a tower fan, look for another one that will be a better match for your room.

Will you be moving your fan often?

If you’re planning to move your tower fan often, look for one that’s not too heavy and has a carrying handle. See if the power cord is long enough. Is the fan strong enough to withstand frequent moves? You can also consider buying another tower fan if you need to cool different parts of your room or home.

Consider energy-efficiency

Look for a tower fan with an energy-efficient motor and a timer, which will turn it off automatically after a certain period of time. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, consider buying an advanced unit that can function as an air purifier, humidifier, swamp cooler, and fan.

Are the controls easy to use?

See if the tower fan has controls that are easy to use. Does it have a display that’s clearly visible? Does it come with a remote control that will allow you to turn it on or off and change settings conveniently from a distance? Does it have a timer that can be programmed to turn it off after a few hours?

Insist on quality

Check to see if the tower fan is made of high-quality material and has a sturdy construction. Is it made by a company with a proven track record? Does the model you are considering have good customer reviews? Does it come with a comprehensive warranty?

Is the tower fan easy to clean?

Look for a tower fan that you can clean without any hassles. Find out if the grill can be removed and cleaned easily. Can you reach the blades and clean them yourself? If the fan has a filter, find out how it is cleaned and replaced. Can you do this yourself or will you need to take it to a service center?

Consider oscillation options

Most tower fans offer multiple oscillation speeds, which gives you more control over how your room will be cooled. A few models may also allow you to change the direction of the oscillation. Most tower fans oscillate from left to right, and some even oscillate up and down.

Do you need air filtration?

A tower fan that features an air filter or ionizer will cost more, so think about whether you need this feature. Find out about how often filters need to be cleaned or replaced. Ask about whether you can do this at home without any hassles. Enquire about the availability and cost of the replacement filters.

Read the terms of the warranty

Look for a high-quality tower fan that comes with a comprehensive warranty. Check the terms of the warranty to see what’s covered and for how long. Find out about the procedure for changing or getting your fan replaced if anything goes wrong. This will help you to protect your investment.

If you take time to consider your needs, you will be able to find a tower fan that’s just right for you. A high-quality unit made by a manufacturer with a proven track record may cost a little more, but it will provide excellent service, and you will have peace of mind.

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