How a Tower Fan Works

The electric fan has been around homes and businesses for many decades now. It was the first good way for people to cool themselves down using electricity. They are found in homes all over the world and have made hot days more bearable for countless millions. Although they have stood the test of time, a newer type of fan is capturing more and more of the market these days; it’s called a tower fan.

Most people if asked by another person to bring the fan from the next room and it was a tower fan, they would walk right by it not knowing what it does. That should not be the case because tower fans work better than electric fans and offer other benefits that normal fans cannot. Here is a little bit more about tower fans, how they work and some of the benefits they offer to those that purchase them.


You can probably guess from the name that tower fans do not even look like standard oscillating fans and it’s true. They are much more compact and usually much taller than normal electric fans. Tower fans are also less wide and have more of a boxy type shape to them. This makes them easier when it comes to placing them in a room because they tend to take up less space and you will have more options where you can place them.

One of the reasons many people are switching from standard electric fans is not only because they take up less space but because they look better than standard electric fans too. Some of them are designed so nice that they will complement the looks of the room they are placed in.


Tower fans not only look different than standard electric fans but they also work differently too. Here is an overview in layman’s terms of how most typical tower fans work.

  1. Controls

A tower fan, much like all electronic devices, has switches that turn them on and off and control the other functions that take place inside it. Many tower fans even come with remote controls.

  1. Air Intake

It was mentioned that tower fans are squarer by design and there is a lot that goes on inside of them. One thing they always have inside them is a powerful electric fan motor. This is how the whole circulation process that goes through them gets started.

This fan motor when activated moves the internal fan blades located inside the unit to pull in air from the room it is placed in, and it does so with great force. These fan blades not only control the intake of air into the system but continue to push the air all the way through the tower fan until it is exhausted back out into the room the tower fan sits in.

The force of the air going through the tower fan also acts as a catalyst for the other functions that happen inside it.

  1. Pre-filter

This is a component of the tower fan that is used to filter out large particles from the circulating air that passes through it. It helps to eliminate dust, pet dander, and lint from the air that passes through it. These are usually easy to remove and clean.

  1. HEPA filter

These are the same type of filters that you will see nowadays on most sophisticated home vacuums. They are used because they will filter an extremely small particle out of the air that passes through them. Many people rave about HEPA filters because they help rid their home of bothersome allergens and that will make a home more comfortable for all that reside there. These filters are usually not washable but can go a long time without needing to be replaced.

  1. Ionizer

Not every tower fan has an ionizer, but a majority of them do. Those that do will give you some nice little benefits to the air you breathe in a room.

How does an ionizer work you may be wondering? It sends a large, powerful electrical charge into the air as it passes through it. By doing so, it causes an ionic reaction that further cleans pollutants out of that air.

  1. Exhaust

Once the whole circulation process through the tower fan is complete the air is exhausted back into the same room it came from with great force. This not only creates cooling circulation but it puts much cleaner filtered air back into the room. So tower fans not only circulate the air, they make the air better to breathe for those that are in a room also.

The way a tower fan works is a simple but very effective air filtration and circulation process.


Here are some of the benefits that owning a tower fan will give you. They do so much more than the standard electric fans that have been around for many years.

  • Space saving
  • Quieter
  • Air filtration
  • Air Ionization
  • Better looking
  • More circulation options
  • Remote controlled


When you take a look at all tower fans have to offer, it’s no wonder they have become so widely popular. There is nothing in the marketplace to suggest that this trend will not continue. So the next time you are thinking about purchasing an electric fan, you should seriously consider making it a tower fan type model.

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