Things You Should Know About Hugger Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans, the most common thing found in our daily lives. The benefits of these fans are immense, that are overlooked without much notice. When it comes to ceiling fans, you may ask yourself a question i.e. what is the use of my ceiling fan and you do not have to be a scientist to know the answer to this question.

It comes to you in an instant that when you want to relax, with some pleasant breeze blowing around the house you just press a button to switch on that ceiling fan. Hence this is the most important use of it.

Whether you want a good night’s sleep or you are tired of a very hectic day at the office. Ceiling fans can help you relax with their pleasant and soothing breeze. The common ceiling fans found in most of the houses have a rod going downwards on one end is the fan motor and on the other is the mounting plate. As the name suggest these fans are attached to the ceiling that is how they got this name. The houses that have a taller ceiling can easily use these fans.

What to do when you have a ceiling not that tall. The fan companies came up with a solution that was hugger ceiling fan.

  1. The Down-rod Issue

The hugger ceiling fans are quite different form the standard ceiling fans, since they have no rods. These fans are just stuck on the ceiling without that downward rod. Now if you are residing in a house not having a taller ceiling you do not have to worry about your clearance. These fans are the perfect fit for you.

Hugger fans got their name due to the very reason that they hug the ceiling and the standard fans do not. If you want you can also use a hugger fan like the standard one because most of these fans come with a rod, definitely that is optional.

All your worries for a low ceiling are gone now because with the inclusion of these fans you can be rest assured about your clearance, with the pleasant breeze blowing all around the house.

  1. Perfect for Low Ceilings

The huggers are there to best fit the houses with a low ceiling. The specific use of these fans is primarily this. Some people who like to have a compact look in their houses also prefer these fans. This was the only application of the huggers in the past but now the times are changing and huggers are installed anywhere one could possibly think of.

  1. Install It Anywhere

The design of these fans is such that they can be installed anywhere. The compact design of these fans make them good to look at regardless of anywhere they are installed.

With all these merits there are also some demerits of these fans. The most important of these is the kind of air circulation provided by these fans as compared to the standard ones.

  1. Air Circulation

The air circulation of the huggers is not as effective as the ceiling fans and hence it is quite a big drawback when it comes to buying these huggers. Just consider yourself buying a new fan the first thing that you will look upon is the circulation of the breeze.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

These fans are also very cost effective, if you are trying to save some energy the huggers are the best pick for you. For the clearance issue the best place for these fans to be installed over your bed. This will also help you get the maximum amount of breeze towards you.

  1. Fan Motor

There have been advances in the fan industry like any other in terms of technology. The manufacturers are constantly emphasizing on making these fans more user friendly and cost effective. Some of these fan motors also use dc current so as to become more effective and the same time more efficient as well.

Key Factors to Consider

When installing a new fan a person looks at some key factors, these include the color, the interior design of the house or the room etc. Therefore advances have been made by the manufacturers keeping all these factors in mind.

Electrician Installing Ceiling Fan

The fans are available in different design, colors and styles so as to best fit your house, office or anywhere you want the fan installed. The manufacturers are also adding to the features, day in and day out they are coming up with new and new features like remote controls etc. So now you can have your fan custom design the way you want it to be.

The fan companies are trying to introduce new technology with every passing day. They also have come up with adjustable blade options. Some blades are also dust repellent. It is fairly easy to install a standard fan as compared to the hugger ones. This is due to the way huggers are mounted.

This is not something one should worry about because there is an instruction manual that comes with all these fans. By following the directions in the instruction manual you can install the se fans with ease.

Both the ceiling fans and the huggers have their own advantages and disadvantages but you can never rule any one out. It depends upon the requirement of the consumer. Sometimes also the preferences the consumer has for either of the two.


It can be said that since the world is moving ahead with technology and people are more inclined towards getting an upgrade of what they have. Therefore since the hugger ceiling fans are slight upgrade of the standard ceiling fans they are preferred a bit more by the consumer.

This does not mean that the standard ones have completely become outdated or are a thing of the past now. No it is surely not like that as stated above it is just the matter of the personal preference that one has.

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