Top Reasons to Choose Cone Coffee Filters Over Flat Ones

Coffee is a coveted beverage, especially for those who need a little help in the mornings to get awake to tackle the day. Whether you have a full day ahead of work or a full day ahead of transporting kids everywhere and taking care of the household. Having your morning coffee helps you have the energy to handle whatever may be thrown your way.

When choosing coffee makers and filters you want to choose what will produce the best coffee for you. There are a variety of coffee makers to choose from, and the differences in filters they use depend on the type of maker you choose. The main choices in filters for auto drip coffee makers are cone filters and flat basket filters. The cone filter gets its name because it is shaped like a cone with the top part being more narrow than the bottom part. A flat bottom filter is just that, flat on the bottom, and molds to the basket in which it is placed.


Uneven brewing can occur with flat bottom filters as the coffee grounds are spread over the entire surface of the filter, and it can be uneven. Some portions of the grounds need to make contact with the water filtering through them, so, they do not brew. This can result in less flavor and weaker coffee. Filters shaped like a cone act like a funnel and water flows through all the grounds, thus brewing all the grounds and providing more flavorful and stronger coffee than the flat filters. They have finer pores than basket filters which provide a slower flow of hot water. Flat bottom filters can clog the pores. When switching from flat ones to cone ones you may have to adjust the amount of coffee you add as more coffee is brewed.


There is also a difference in the cost between the two coffee filters as cones can cost somewhat more than flat filters. It all depends on the brand of the filter along with the quantity you purchase and where you purchase them. There is usually a variety to choose from, whether you choose bleached or unbleached or smaller quantities versus larger quantities. Generally speaking, cone filters usually cost about one cent more than flat basket filters.

Coffee Maker Compatibility

When choosing coffee filters, you first need to know what your coffee maker requires as usually, they are not interchangeable unless you want a mess on your hands. Perhaps choosing a coffee maker that uses the cones would produce the quality of coffee you desire. This type of filter can also give the coffee a European type of taste as more coffee grounds are brewed through the water. The flat filters can leave you with an American style of coffee, which may also be fine for you, depending on your tastes. There are distinct differences in the two and how they help in brewing your coffee. So, it just depends on your personal taste for how you like your coffee brewed. Cost may also be an issue for you, so that is something to consider when deciding on which coffee maker to purchase and what type of filters it uses.


For the most part, both filters work and help you have that morning coffee you need so badly before heading out to work or school or taking care of the household. Having a cup of coffee is a fantastic way to start the day, and it has added health benefits also. It’s no wonder that millions of people drink coffee every day with or without breakfast.

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