5 Major Parts of the Ceiling Fan – Your Guide to Choose the Right One

The fan industry is advancing in terms of technology every day. There have been innovations and experiments in this field from the word go. When ceiling fans were first introduced they were quite different from what they are right now.

  • Although there has been a big change but the basics of the ceiling fan are more or less the same.
  • The purpose it is used for is still the same.
  • The major parts are almost the same.

The ceiling fan is mainly divided into five parts and it is essential to choose the right part for your ceiling fan for your for its optimum performance There has been quite an advancement in all these parts in terms of technology.

A ceiling fan is incomplete without these five parts which are stated below.

1. Blades

Fan blades - Brown ceiling fan blades.

The blades of the fans are the most common part of the ceiling fan. The blades are that part of the fan which is noticed at a glance while looking at the ceiling fan. Since these blades can wear down and sometimes even break.

Therefore these blades can be changed easily. If the ceiling fan that you have is not that common and you are not able to find the right match for your ceiling fan, there is nothing to worry.

The blades that are not even a perfect match for your ceiling fan can be drilled into it. You can also buy a replacement kit that is specific to the blades only. Similarly the blade arms can also be acquired from the generic sets easily available in the market.

There are also different types of blades available in the market from which you can choose from according to your liking. Some common examples of these blades are dust repellent blades and the non rusting ones.

2. Capacitors

Arguably the most important part of the ceiling fan is a capacitor. As we all know that the core purpose of the ceiling fan is to disperse the breeze all around the room or anywhere that it is installed. The job of the capacitor is to maintain the speed of the ceiling fan and also its movement.

Hence if the capacitor is is not in proper working condition your ceiling fan will surely not work properly. There is a huge variety of capacitors available in the market from which you can choose the one that best suits your requirements

3. Motors

Assembling Fan Motor

The power source of the ceiling fan is its motor. This is where the fan derives all its energy from. The efficiency of the ceiling fan is directly proportional to its motor. The greater the power of the motor better will be the efficiency of the fan.

The motors of the ceiling fan are built to last. You never seem to have a problem the motor of the fan, although there are some exceptions. So if you find yourself in this rear situation it is advisable for you to take help from a specialist.

4. Pullchain Switches

This is another part of the fan which is really important and at the same time the most frequently used one as well. This is the reason why more attention should be given towards the maintenance of the pullchain switches. They need repairing more frequently than most of the other parts of the ceiling fan because of their frequent use.

While buying these pullchain switches there are a couple of things that one should keep in mind that is the right combination of wires  and the pullchain switch that you are buying should match the fan speeds.

5. Mounting Bracket

The part without which you can never use a ceiling fan is the mounting bracket. The ceiling fan is attached to the ceiling with the help of this mounting bracket. Therefore the mounting brackets are the part of the ceiling fan which is the most essential because without the mounting brackets you can never even imagine having a ceiling fan.

It is highly unlikely for the mounting brackets to be damaged or need repairs, although it may happen due to renovation or seepage. The mounting brackets should properly be installed at the time of the ceiling fan installation because if the bracket is not installed properly there is always the danger of the fan to fall down.

Additional Parts

All these parts are essential for the smooth running of the ceiling fan, however there are some upgraded parts of the ceiling fan that are available in the market. These parts are not necessary for the ceiling fan, just an added factor. Remote control is one of the examples of such parts. The five parts stated above are the main parts that you need to have for your ceiling fan.

The outlook of the ceiling fan may differ a lot as compared to the time when it was first invented but the mechanics are still the same. Whether you have a standard ceiling fan or the advance one the mechanics of both are the same. The five parts used in both the types of fans are almost similar.


Whether you are buying a standard ceiling fan or the more advance version of it, you can buy it without the worry of maintaining or repairing its parts. The mechanism that the ceiling fan works on and the parts that are essential for it remains the same whether it is the standard ceiling fan or the latter.

There are quite a few options available in the market from which you can choose the best ceiling fan. It is just the question of your choice and preference that what sort of a ceiling fan you are looking for that will best suit your needs. In this case you do not have to worry about the parts of the fan that are essential for the smooth running of it.

As already stated above it does not matter what type of the fan you are using the major parts remain the same.

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