Hunter 51059 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 51059 5-blade ceiling fan provides outstanding performance and is the perfect combination of traditional and modern design. Its 42-inch blade length is best suited for small and medium rooms with an area of up to 100 square feet.

The complete package features five designer blades that provide whisper-quiet performance. This high-quality ceiling fan offers outstanding service delivery and maintenance. The low profile feature supports 7-foot and 8-foot ceiling installations.

It ensures an effective cooling experience with great savings on running costs. Some of the features of this popular ceiling fan are outlined below:

Features of the Hunter 51059 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Low profile IV design

This term refers to low ceiling installations. Most low ceiling areas don’t have rods. The Hunter ceiling fan has been designed to fit even in limited space.

It drops slightly from the ceiling (less than a foot), making it the right choice for maximum air circulation in a small space, without any risk of injury.

The low-profile, compact design doesn’t mean it lacks proper ventilation or cooling capacity. It offers ample airflow for cooling a medium-sized room.

Design materials

Hunter ceiling fans are painstakingly crafted from durable high-profile metal.

They have a stylish finish and are made from the finest materials that are handcrafted for exceptional performance.

The Hunter 51059 is a white model with blades coated specially by means of Hunter’s patented Dust Armor Nanotechnology, which repels any dust build-up.

Cooling power

A three-speed wind motor provides all the cooling power you need in your home. The motor operates with little or no noise, making it one of the greatest picks available in the market.

The Hunter 51059 ceiling fan delivers an airflow of 2,902 CFM with a ceiling of less than 8 feet. The housing enclosing the motor fits flush, providing the maximum clearance possible.

The ceiling fan has a medium power rating of 57.4 watts and a voltage rating of 120 volts. It offers outstanding energy efficiency and cooling.

A three-inch down rod plug profile and self-propelled mechanism are some of the special features of this Hunter ceiling fan. You can also purchase Hunter’s universal remote for easy and efficient control of the ceiling fan.

Installation procedure

Proper installation is essential to ensure safety and efficiency. Usually, Hunter ceiling fans come with a self-assembly kit, which aids in the assembly and disassembly process. The quick installation manual also provides simple instructions on how to set up the fan.

Tips for proper installation:

1. Before beginning the installation process, turn off the power to avoid electrical shock.
2. Check to see if the electrical box is stable. If it isn’t stable enough to support the weight, fix two additional screws.
3. Before you install the fan blades to the supporting beam, ensure that the screws are hidden.
4. This enhances safety as well as aesthetics. Protruding screws can potentially cause injury.
5. Ensure that the screws are fitted tightly before installing the fan blades to the motor to avoid detachment over time.
6. The installation process is simple and safe; it doesn’t require any technical skills.
7. However, if you are not confident about undertaking the job, avoid the hassle and hire a professional who will do it for you.

When you buy a Hunter fan from an authorized retailer, you will get a one-year limited lifetime warranty. It’s important to choose carefully to avoid fake warranties offered by unknown manufacturers. There may be a slight variation in the price of the fan from one retail store to the other due to competition.

The Hunter 51059 low profile IV 5-blade ceiling fan doesn’t come with a lighting kit. Hunter’s light kits are not universal but you can opt to get one depending on the model of the ceiling fan.

For the Hunter 51059, for example, any lighting kit with a model number marked with part 5xxxx is compatible and will do exceptionally well.

The Hunter Fan Company is one of the world’s leading ceiling fan manufacturers. Hunter has passed the test of time and has over 100 years of experience in the ceiling fan industry.

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