Many people think that waffles are just for breakfast, but that simply is not true. A waffle can make for a good quick lunch or even an easy to prepare supper. Not to mention that a scoop of ice cream and some syrup can change any waffle into a delicious desert. So ignore that old stereotype and have a waffle anytime you want one. Be careful to avoid using frozen waffles too because their taste is far inferior to that of homemade waffles. The only problem being is that you must have a good waffle maker to make them right. Many people consider Oster brand waffle makers to be the best waffle makers for the money.

Why choose Oster brand waffle makers? Well for starters they are a waffle maker that consistently scores well on waffle maker reviews. There is no better sign of a good waffle maker than the ones like Oster makes that get really good reviews from those that use them. Oster is also a company that is known for manufacturing their products to high standards; that means they will last a long time before needing to be replaced. They also stick behind all of their products with a decent warranty on each one too.

Oster is also known for having outstanding customer service. They seem to handle questions, concerns, and problems rapidly and in a satisfactory manner. That is something that is not easy to find from a manufacturer these days. It will give you a lot of peace of mind for sure when you purchase a waffle maker from them.

Don’t take our word for it though. Check out these excellent Oster waffle makers and see for yourself what these very good waffle makers have to offer you if you purchase one.


It simply does not matter whether you like crispy regular waffles or thicker and fluffier Belgian style waffles, Oster has a waffle maker that is just right for the job. Check out these very good waffle makers:


Here is a great little waffle maker that proves you don’t have to break the bank to be able to make delicious crispy homemade waffles. This waffle maker does a great job of that.

You can easily make waffles right on your countertop with this portable electric waffle maker. It makes one large size round waffle that has creases that enable you to separate it into four plate size pieces. It makes generous grooves in each waffle, so it will hold the syrup or whatever else you choose to top it with.

It’s so simple to use. All you have to do is set your desired temperature, preheat it and add the waffle batter when it is ready. In just a few minutes the whole family will be enjoying great tasting homemade waffles.

This model also stores upright, so it takes up very little cabinet or counter space and also cleans up easily thanks to its nonstick finish.


Oster steps it up a notch with this very good flip waffle maker design. Flip waffle makers are preferred by many chefs because they tend to distribute batter more evenly than non-flip waffle makers which result in more consistent baking and better flavor. When you make waffle makers with this unit, your family will think you went to culinary school to learn the art of making them.

Even cooking is also enhanced by the ceramic cooking plates that Oster uses in this model waffle maker too. Not to mention that ceramic cooking plates make cleanup a snap even for stubborn, dried waffle batter.

This is a good looking low profile waffle maker too. It does not take up much counter or cabinet space because it conveniently flips up for easy storage. This model waffle maker comes in both red and black finishes too. It is clear that a lot of thought went into the design of this good looking, classic waffle maker.


Maybe you prefer the lighter and fluffier taste that Belgian waffles consist of. If that is the case, then this Belgian waffle maker from Oster should do the trick nicely for you. It has many features that will allow you to make near perfect Belgian waffles each and every time you go to use it.

One of the best things about this model waffle maker is that it cooks square Belgian waffles instead of the more common round ones. This makes it more convenient for doing such things as making desert waffle because the toppings fit on them better. It also does a thorough job of baking each waffle thanks to its professional flip-top design.

Another nice feature it has is its ceramic coated cooking grids allow you to cook waffles up to 20% faster than normal and also make cleanup unbelievably easy when you are done cooking. The control settings are very simple to use, and this model even includes handles that are designed to stay cool to the touch. Throw in the facts that this model looks good and folds upright for storage, then it’s easy to see why this is a really good waffle maker purchase.


This model not only does a superb job of making soft and moist Belgian waffles but it looks good while doing it too. It has a very high quality brushed stainless steel look to it. That also makes this model very easy to cleanup if you should get batter on the outside of the unit.

It is a Belgian waffle maker that uses the preferred flip-top design that distributes batter evenly as it is poured into the unit. This ensures that the entire waffle will be cooked thoroughly without overbaking it. Making Belgian waffles is an art form and this waffle maker helps you do it perfectly.

It also features an easy to clean nonstick cooking surface, user-friendly controls, a drip tray to catch excess batter and it folds upright for easy storage. There is simply a lot to like about this Oster waffle maker model.


You really cannot go wrong with any of these Oster units that we did waffle maker reviews on here. Even though they are different prices and have different features the all do a really good job at making waffles easily. So if you are truly looking for the best waffle makers, then make sure you consider buying an Oster Brand waffle maker when deciding which waffle maker is right for you.

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