Blender: Do’s and Don’ts

Most households cannot imagine a life without blenders. Are you one of them? It has become a necessity of modern kitchens nowadays since it opens the door to so many meal possibilities and new cooking ideas. From fruity milkshakes and smoothies to mouth watering salad dressings and creamy soups, there is a long list of […]

7 Tips to Use Your Blender Efficiently

Blenders are very simple and efficient kitchen appliances to use. It barely takes a few minutes to make amazing smoothies, milkshakes, soups, purees and even nut butters. This is why most kitchens own a blender nowadays to whip up instant breakfasts or mid-day snacks. However, like any other appliance, you need to follow some tips […]

Best Blender Reviews – Top Rated Picks 2018

In the fast paced world of today where we are always late for everything, who finds the time to sit for a proper breakfast? Most of the people don’t! This is where the services of a best blender come into play with which you can prepare a wholesome glass of smoothie in just under 3 […]

10 Super Easy, Healthy Smoothies to Make in your Blender

Who doesn’t love smoothies? They make a refreshing breakfast especially on those hot summer days when you just want something cool to spread through your systems and don’t feel like spending the day making pancakes or waffles. Just toss your favorite fruits, milk and ice in your blender and get ready for a tempting, healthy […]

Different Kinds of Blenders

Blenders are becoming increasingly popular today because of their ease of use, easy cleaning and their utility in so many of our kitchen tasks. Many blender manufacturers are competing in the market with newest technologies and improved functionalities of their products. Many different types of blenders are available differing in their appearance, size, power, functionality […]

8 Things You Can Make With Your Immersion Blender

Your kitchen is incomplete if you don’t have an immersion blender. It’s convenience of use, easy cleaning, versatility and the fact that it takes up very little space in your kitchen has given it an irreplaceable place in almost all modern kitchens. In addition to making soups, which they are best known for, they also […]

How to Use Your Blender Properly and Efficiently

Blenders have become a necessity for most kitchens. Can you remember how many days a week you take your blender out? Probably every day. The reason behind this is its convenience of use and its utility in so many of your blending tasks. Such a useful piece of equipment if used properly will enhance its […]