Westinghouse 7876400 Reversible Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Reversible Three-Blade Indoor ceiling fan is a high-quality product that is precisely designed and carefully manufactured by renowned Westinghouse Company. It is, without doubt, a ceiling fan that combines exquisite design, the very finest manufacturing materials, and exemplary workmanship to deliver a world class product that appeals to the eye and is also highly efficient in service.

Detailed review of features

This superb ceiling fan by the reputable Westinghouse brand has some salient features that are quite interesting; they are as follows:
• Efficiency – This ceiling fan has the capability of providing airflow at the rate of up to 2,906 cubic feet per minute to rooms where it has been installed to serve. This cfm output is only possible when it is operating at the very highest design speed. Its operational wattage is 36 when it is at high speed and without the lighting. This is a very high efficiency compared to its competitors currently in the market.

• Design – This powerful ceiling fan is diligently designed to serve large rooms of up to 144 square feet i.e. 12 feet by 12 feet. This nullifies the need to purchase more than one fan for spaces of such areas.

• Quiet operation – This product is fitted with a 153 × 10-millimeter motor made of durable silicon steel material. It has a convenient dual capacity to provide an air circulation that is both quiet and powerful. Its quiet operation makes it ideal for both residential and business premises where quiet is highly valued.

• Aesthetic appeal – This amazing ceiling fan is equipped with a gun metal alloy that is accompanied by reversible blades that have a graphite/black finish. These makes the blades have a beautiful look that can easily blend in with most home décors.

• Durability – It has blades that are made from durable MDF material and are pitched at 12 degrees for optimum performance. MDF is tough and guarantees longevity in service with minimal replacements.

• Warranty – This excellent Westinghouse ceiling fan is supported by a lifetime motor warranty in addition to a 2-year parts warranty. This is a clear indication of the kind of confidence the manufacturer has in the product.

• Lighting – The Alloy’s 2 light fixtures both operate on 2 candelabra-base bulbs of the 40-watt G16-1/2 type. These are included in the purchase package and are conveniently encased by a fixture that is made of opal frosted glass.

• Energy savings – In a world that is increasingly embracing the concept of green energy, The Westinghouse 7876400 has not been left behind. This state-of-the-art ceiling fan is quite efficient in saving energy in that it uses nearly equal power to a 100-watt light bulb. Such savings in energy are welcome in these tough economic times where each shilling saved count.

• Versatility – This ceiling fan has a reversible switch incorporated to it that enables it to be utilized during both warm and cool weather. This means that the fan can run counterclockwise if need be. It can, therefore, keep your office or home cool or warm as desired depending on the season. During winter it recirculates warm air from the ceiling level and circulates cool air during summer.

• Weight – This ceiling fan has a light weight of just 10 pounds making it quite portable when required.

• Size – This product as dimensions of 18.5 × 9.2 × 10.4 inches, this is a convenient fit size that allows for easy storage if need be.

• Plug profile – It has a downrod plug profile, this is why it is sold together with a downrod that measures 4 inches in length and a inch diameter.


The Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Reversible Three-Blade Indoor ceiling fan has several advantages. The notable ones are:

• The installation is very simple and quick to perform. This nullifies the need to hire the service of a skilled electrician to do the installation.
• It has a mount that caters for sloped ceilings
• It has an attractive slim style and appealing colors to compliment it.
• It circulates a significant amount of air for a small fan.
• It has a nice light for the bedroom area.


The Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy Reversible Three-Blade Indoor ceiling fan review is an eye opener to the incredible features this product has. Amazon.com is providing it at an affordable to interested clients. Make sure you get yours today and enjoy the amazing benefits.

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