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More Convenience with Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been with us for more than a century, and they’ve been changed to meet our needs according to the modern trends and fashion. They were there when there was no concept of digitalization. Now, ceiling fans have become quite sophisticated, running on our finger tips without giving us any trouble to move. […]

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan

Do you think you have the right skills to install a ceiling fan in your room? Installing a ceiling fan can be categorized into two main functions. Assembling: screwing blades with motor then attaching it to the downrod, followed by mounting Wiring: connecting wires to the motor Most of the tasks in the first category […]

Simple Ways to Maintain a Ceiling Fan

Who else better than a home owner knows how to ensure well-maintained and stylish home. There are quite a few items to consider when it comes to home maintenance. While basic items are always there, such as electricity connections, power supplies, floors, walls cabinets and furniture, there are certain things that may not look as […]

Easier to Make an Installation for Ceiling Fans

So it seems that you have finally made up your mind regarding which celling fan will go where in your beautiful home. Are you wondering how to go about the procedures of getting this huge piece of modernization attached to your ceiling? Or perhaps you are stuck deciding where to start assembling this simple yet […]

How A Ceiling Fan Works- The Basics

In the modern era that we live in today, has drastically changed from what it was to be known back in days of 20th century and the time has progressed, the manufacturing of technology has drastically improved as well. These revolutionized technologies began to come into existence due to your comfortability. With the passing […]

A Complete Guide to Balance Your Ceiling Fan

Have you ever stood under a high speed wobbling ceiling fan? Scary, isn’t it? Nobody would like it. A ceiling fan, if not fixed properly, can easily damage the bushings and bearing of the motor. Not to mention the irritating fan noise it makes. That means, you’ll soon be searching a new ceiling fan just […]

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