Hunter Ceiling Fan 53090 Builder Deluxe

This is a superb ceiling fan that is carefully designed and diligently manufactured by the reputable Hunter Company. It is undoubtedly a product made from the finest materials, has a stylish design and is put together by unparalleled workmanship. This is truly a quality product which offers optimum performance in service. The Hunter Brand Ceiling […]

Minka-Aire Concept II – Detailed Review

Mink-Aire is a leading company that offers some of the very best ceiling fans. The company offers electric ceiling fans that are more fashion forward and even energy efficient as compared to the fans from other companies. The Minka-Aire company also provides quality workmanship. All the fans from this company have been engineered for superior […]

Ceiling Fan Direction – Which Way to Spin?

You have owned a ceiling fan before, haven’t you? If you have, have you ever wondered what the directions it spins means for its effectiveness? Perhaps the most commonly asked question deals with which direction your fan should be running. If you install a new fan or move into a new lodging with a fan […]

Why Ceiling Fans Are Important for Big Rooms

Ceiling fans might be considered older technology as they compare to air conditioners, but as the saying can go sometimes, old is gold. Air conditioners can keep you cooler than fans but what goes unnoticed is the difference between the monetary cost of both air conditioners and fans. However, every fan can certainly not work […]