More and more these days you are seeing standard electric room fans being replaced by what are known as tower fans. These units are much different than their predecessors that have been around for many decades. They are taller as the name indicates than standard electric fans and they also have other characteristics that give […]

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Tower Fan

It isn’t easy to choose a tower fan because of the huge variety of models that are currently available. It’s best to consider your needs and how much you’re willing so spend before you decide on which tower fan is right for you. Some of the things to consider while shopping for a tower fan […]

Lasko Tower Fan Model Comparison

It is becoming apparent that tower fans will continue to capture a bigger share of the electric fan market in the coming years. They offer you so many more benefits when compared to regular electric fans. A tower fan can even filter and purify the air that passes through, and they are much quieter than […]

How a Tower Fan Works

The electric fan has been around homes and businesses for many decades now. It was the first good way for people to cool themselves down using electricity. They are found in homes all over the world and have made hot days more bearable for countless millions. Although they have stood the test of time, a […]

Tower Fans vs Normal Fans

The standard electric fan that is found in so many homes can trace its roots all the way back to the year 1882. It was the first electronic means for people to be able to cool themselves and get some relief on the hottest of days. But as is the case with many electronic goods […]

Holmes Tower Fan Model Lineup

The Holmes Company proudly manufactures a line of products to keep the home comfortable including various types of fans. These fans are known for their reliability and usefulness. Before you buy a Holmes tower fan, make sure to choose the one that is right for you. Tower Fan Considerations There are several considerations that you […]

Ozeri Tower Fan Model Comparison

The first electrical fans made their appearance about 1880, and many manufacturers were making the first oscillating fans by the turn of the century. It was not until many years later that Ozeri entered the market when they started making tower fans for luxury resorts around the world. Today, people can enjoy the comforts of […]

Honeywell Tower Fan Model Comparison

Ever since Schuyler Skaats invented the first electrical fan in 1882, people have counted on them to keep them cool in the summer, provide background noise while they are sleeping, and help control odors in their homes. Today, manufacturers make three different types of fans (not including ceiling fans). Table fans are usually smaller fans […]